Bible Cartoon used at New Wine conference 2012!

Posted 18 Sep 2012

I received an email earlier in the year asking me to design a Bible Cartoon to be used at the Christian New Wine Summer Conferences events (www.new-wine.org). I created the required crowd scene, which had Jesus in the middle, accompanied by Moses, Joseph and the apostle Paul, surrounded by a crowd of cheering children. Notice the 2 camels on the left which were specifically requested from my Christmas activity book illustrations!

The finished design was then transformed into a 4 × 2 metre fabric backdrop for the 3-4 year old “Pebbles” marquee, where about 600 children were entertained & received good bible-based instruction.

The lady who worked so hard on converting my design into sewn fabric (Jane B.) said, “Your faces are so cheerful that they were a joy to work with but I did find it very emotional working on Jesus’ hands.” I can quite understand that, as you can see the nail marks on Jesus’ hands. I sometimes have a strong emotional reaction myself when I’m drawing the wounds on Jesus’ body for one of my Bible Cartoons.

I received this email from the 2 “Pebbles” leaders, after New Wine had finished:

“Hi Martin,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the art work you produced for the Pebbles banner.
It was fantastic. We had many many comments on the banner and the art work.
It certainly added the WOW! factor to the marquee.
We had quite few people ask about your art work and we referred them to your web site which we had printed down the side of the banner.
One lady who came into the marquee recognised your work immediately saying that their church had used your work in the past.
Once again many, many thanks for an amazing job.


April H. & Anna S.
New Wine Pebbles Leaders”

What a lovely email, I was delighted to read that.

The Bible Cartoons web address stitched onto the backdrop provided great publicity for us! The fact that one lady came into the marquee & instantly recognised the style of the artwork as belonging to Bible Cartoons is great… we’re getting known!

Here’s my design in black & white, with 2 photographs below of the finished backdrop – doesn’t it look great?! Well done to Jane B. who translated my paper design into fabric… such dedication & hard work!

New Wine backdrop


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