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Posted 02 Oct 2017

Thought it was about time I improved the Free Colouring Sheet page on the Bible Cartoons website. I’ve just finished adding 7 new black and white (b/w) colouring sheets, which are completely free to download and colour in. There are 14 free colouring sheets available now.

You can see the page by clicking on “Merchandise” on the menu bar above, then “Free stuff!” link , then on the “Free Colouring sheets” green hyperlink bar, or click on the link below:

Follow this link to see the Free Colouring Sheets index page:
Free Colouring Sheets Index page

I thought it might be nice to add a link to the full colour Bible Cartoon of the same design, so viewers can see that too, so each black and white picture has my coloured up version below it.

Luke 02 - Nativity SET01 - Scene 02 - Stable (Animals version) PB 300 dpi col
Next I plan to add more colouring book designs, which contain all the pictures in a particular set. For example the colouring book “Jonah and the Big Fish” contains 13 pages of b/w colouring sheets. Then I’ll provide a link on the single free colouring sheet page, under the Jonah b/w picture, so people realise there is a whole set of Jonah pictures they can have! I think I’ll reduce the cost of these colouring books to just £1 GBP to make them very affordable for everyone to use them.

Would it be useful to have a random selection of Old Testament, &/or New Testament b/w colouring sheets in a single volume, rather than all the pictures that tell the narrative of just 1 story? Maybe it would be nice to have bumper colouring book containing lots of different designs from all over the Bible? What do you think?

Luke 02 - The Nativity SET02 - Scene 02 - Stable (Inside cave version) PB 133x178 col


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