Map of Sinai showing Exodus routes

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Bible Book: Exodus
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Bible Reference & Map Description

This is my map of the Sinai Peninsula, showing two possible routes of the Hebrew people during the Exodus from their captivity in Egypt. The purple dashed line shows the more traditional interpretation, passing through the Red Sea at the head of the Gulf of Suez. The white dotted line shows one alternative route, where Bible scholars infer that the Hebrew people crossed the Red Sea at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba.

There are many place names and locations on the route (which ever one was actually taken!) which are lost to antiquity, so I can not be certain of some of the places the Hebrew people camped at on their 40 year journey to the promised land.

The Exodus from Egypt occured around 1446 B.C.

Notice the figures on the border of the map.
If you look carefully at the map border you will see I have included some little black and white figures. I will add different figures to the borders of each map, adding characters that relate to the map subject.

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Bible References
The Exodus is covered in detail in the Bible book of that name. A shorter overview of the camp locations made by the Hebrew people is written in Numbers chapter 33.