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There are 15 Gospel Illustrations in total.

Calendar Events (9) Christian Symbols (2) Evangelism/Gospel Explanation (4) Grand Bible (3) People & Characters (3)

Explanation of categories:

Calendar Events - includes pictures relating to Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, etc.

Christian Symbols - includes symbols about Christianity, e.g. Communion bread & wine, crowns, dove, cross, etc.

Evangelism/Gospel Explanation - Illustrations that help to explain Christinity, e.g. The Bridge illustration.

Grand Bible - includes pictures that encompass the whole Bible, e.g. composite scenes of the major events & characters mentioned in the Bible.

People & Characters - includes famous characters from the Bible, scenes involving people, e.g. Jesus & the cross.

Gospel Illustrations differ from Bible Cartoons in that they do not relate to any one, specific part of the Bible. The scope of some Gospel Illustrations (eg the ones under the Grand Bible heading) often illustrate the whole Bible.

Like the Bible Cartoons, they are available at High Quality (150dpi - £2 (GBP)), Medium Quality (72 dpi - £1 (GBP)) & Low quality (20dpi - Free)

Exclusive! These designs are unique & are not available anywhere else.