Bible Cartoon: Psalm 119v105 - Torch Bearer

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Bible Book: Psalms
Bible Book Code: 1911910501
Scene no: 1 of 7

Bible Reference & Cartoon Description

Psalms 119:105 (ANIV)
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.



The torch held by the front runner provides the main source of yellow-white light for this scene.

A man running along a beach at night, carrying a torch, followed by children running behind him.

Psalm 119 is an example of a Wisdom psalm, which probe life’s mysteries to teach the congregation about itself & God.

This scene was drawn on 12th July 2012, in the run up to the Olympics in London (excuse the pun.) In it’s original form I produced a greyscale drawing – a black & white, pen & ink drawing, using only shades of black, white & grey (see below). This is the same picture, with various shades of blue & yellow introduced.

Here’s the scene in the original greyscale form.
Psalm 119 - Olympic Torch Bearer 980x706px - Greyscale.jpg
Psalm 119 – Olympic Torch Bearer 980×706px – Greyscale

Although intended to celebrate the Olympic torch, this scene is also a depiction of the Bible (God’s Word) which similarly illuminates a Christian’s path & helps us to run confidently into the future.

Follow this link to see the greyscale version on the Free Stuff page:
Greyscale version of Psalm 119 – Olympic Torch Bearer
You will need to scroll down that page to see the picture!