Bible Cartoon: Mark 02 - Jesus and paralytic - Scene 03 - Lowered

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Bible Book: Mark
Bible Book Code: 4100200501
Scene no: 3 of 6

Bible Reference & Cartoon Description

Mark 2:5 (NLT)
Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the paralyzed man, “My son, your sins are forgiven.”


As in scene 01 & 02, I have set the scene mid morning.

Strong sunlight comes from the above, which you can see illuminating one of the four friends of the paralysed man, on the rooftop. The sunlight is also coming in over the heads of the people in the doorway (out of view) & casts a beam of sunlight across the floor & upon Jesus clothes. Yellow lamp light casts a warm glow behind the people inside the home.

We can only see one of the four friends of the paralysed man, on the rooftop, lowing him by means of ropes tied to the four corners of his mat. We can see Jesus laying his hand in compassion on the paralysed man’s head. There are various people standing about, who have been listening to Jesus teaching. On the left of the scene we can see 2 teachers of religious law – the men in blue robes with coverings over their heads. Between them is a scribe, with a leather shoulder bag.

In Bible times, houses were built of stone and had outside stairways that led onto flat roofs. Roofs were made with joists (long poles of wood that ran from one wall to the other) covered with a mixture of mortar, tar, ashes, and sand, over twigs or rushes, layed across the main supporting poles. Thus the four friends of the paralysed man had to “dig” through the roof (see also Luke 5:19).

Notice that it was in response to the men’s faith that Jesus said, “My son, your sins are forgiven.” He was moved by compassion for the man and by his friend’s faith… that if they could get him before Jesus then Jesus could heal him – that’s real faith in the healing power of Jesus!