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Book type: The Law (History. The Pentateuch: the First 5 books of the Old Testament)
Author: Moses?
No. of chapters: 50
Key character(s): God, Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Seth, Enoch, Noah, Shem, Ham, Japheth, Abram/Abraham, Sarai/Sarah, Lot, Hagar, Ishmael, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob/Israel, Esau, Rachel, Leah, Laban, Bilhah, Zilpah, Jacobs 12 sons: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph, Ben-Oni/Benjamin, Dinah, Manasseh, Ephraim [1]
Brief description: Genesis – The Creator creates a people.
01) The Nature of Human Life (1:1-11:9)
02) The mission & nature of God’s family (11:10-50:26)

The book of Genesis expresses how God’s people received their identity.
Each of the theological doctrines of the Bible has its beginnings in Genesis.
[Source: NIV Disciple’s Study Bible]

Genesis is the book of beginnings. The word means “origins” or “beginnings.” It sets the stage for the rest of the Bible, telling us God’s plan for his creation. Genesis reveals the nature of God as Creator and Redeemer; the value of a human life – created in God’s image and for his purpose; the terrible consequences of disobedience and sin – separating man from God; and the wonderful promise of salvation and forgiveness through the coming Messiah.

Fuller list of major characters in the book of Genesis:

AdamFirst man created; Husband of Eve.
EveFirst woman created; Wife of Adam.
CainFirst son of Adam & Eve. Murdered his brother Abel.
AbelSecond son of Adam & Eve. Murdered by his brother Cain.
SethThird son of Adam & Eve.
EnochSon of Jared & father of Methuselah. Lived 365 years then “taken by God”.
NoahBuild an ark; Only righteous man of his time.
Shem, Ham, and JaphethNoah’s three sons, who also went on the ark with their wives, Noah, and Noah’s wife.
Abram/ AbrahamMan that was told by God to go to from Harran to Canaan with his wife, Sarai/ Sarah and his nephew, Lot; Lived to be 175 years old.
Sarai/ SarahWife of Abram/ Abraham; Aunt of Lot; died at age 127.
LotNephew of Sarai/ Sarah and Abram/ Abraham.
HagarSarai/ Sarah’s Egyptian slave. Mother of Ishmael.
IshmaelHagar’s son.
IsaacSarai/ Sarah’s son; Husband of Rebekah. Father of Jacob & Esau.
RebekahSister of Laban; Husband of Isaac. Mother of Jacob & Esau.
Jacob/ IsraelSecond born to Isaac and Rebekah; younger twin to Esau. Was content to stay at home in the tents; favoured by Rebekah; Took Esau’s blessing; married to Rachel and Leah; wrestled with God.
Esau First born son to Isaac and Rebekah; older twin of Jacob. Grew up to be a skillful hunter; favored by Isaac; His blessing was taken by Jacob.
RachelYounger sister of Leah; Jacob’s second wife.
LeahOlder sister of Rachel; Married to Jacob first.
LabanBrother of Rebekah; father of Rachel and Leah; Tricked Jacob.
BilhahServant of Rachel. Given in marriage to Jacob to bear sons for Rachel.
ZilpahServant of Leah, Rachel’s sister. Given in marriage to Jacob to bear sons for Rachel.
Reuben1st son of Leah & Jacob.
Simeon2nd son of Leah & Jacob.
Levi3rd son of Leah & Jacob.
Judah4th son of Leah & Jacob.
Dan1st son of Bilhah & Jacob.
Naphtali2nd son of Bilhah & Jacob.
Gad1st son of Zilpah & Jacob.
Asher2nd son of Zilpah & Jacob.
Issacher5th son of Leah & Jacob.
Zebulun6th son of Leah & Jacob.
JosephFirst son of Rachel & Jacob; sold into slavery by his brothers; died at 110 years of age.
Ben-Oni / Benjamin2nd son of Rachel & Jacob. Named by Rachel “Ben-Oni”; Re-named by Isaac “Benjamin”. Younger full brother of Joseph.
DinahDaughter of Leah & Jacob.
Manasseh & EphraimSons of Joseph.