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Posted 18 Oct 2012

Sorry I haven’t written anything for the BC blog lately. It’s been a very “bitty” few weeks. I haven’t drawn any more Bible Cartoons (BC) – gasp, horrors! But I have been doing various other BC-related things. Christmas is rapidly approaching, & this is usually a very busy time of year for us.

The main project I am working on at the moment is producing 6 “Bad Day” mug designs. The idea is to have a scene of disaster from the Bible, like the flood, or the expulsion of Adam & Eve from the garden of Eden, with the words “And you think you’re having a bad day!” on the other side of the mug.

Here’s a photo of the first 6 mug designs I’ve come up with from left to right & top to bottom:

Jonah being swallowed by a Big Fish.
The Egyptians being drowned in the Red Sea.
Goliath being felled by David & his sling shot.
Noah’s ark being pounded by waves in the flood.
Adam & Eve being expelled from the garden of Eden.
Daniel being lowered into the lions’ den.

6 Bad Day mug designs.jpg

Follow this link to see these mugs on the Merchandise page, with purchase options:
Merchandise – Mugs

My next task is to get a limited print run of these mugs into local Christian bookshops & gift outlets, as part of our ‘testing the market phase.’ If I can prove that the designs are salable in sufficient numbers then hopefully I can convince a Christian distributor to take these designs on & mass produce them.

I am also designing our 2012 Christmas cards.

We will soon see the 3rd Bible Cartoons Activity Book out in print. This one is based on the book of Exodus, with some very exciting puzzles, mazes & colouring pages for children.

I visited our church’s (Brixworth Christian Fellowship) youth group on Tuesday evening & told them all about my journey of faith & how God brought me to Bible Cartoons. We had a quiz, based on my cartoons where the children had to guess the story, with bonus points for guessing the book of the Bible too!

I’m also trying to figure out how to write code to allow customers to the Bible Cartoons website to be able to purchase a whole set of related cartoons in one go.

So you see, I am not being idle!


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