What price art? It can be costly, if you’re not careful!

Posted 03 Jul 2014

What price art? It can be costly, if you’re not careful! Yesterday I fell off a chair in pursuit of it!

So there I was drawing a scene from Luke chapter 16; Jesus’ parable/story of the Rich man & Lazarus. The scene shows 2 angels escorting the spirit/soul of the recently deceased Lazarus up into the air… so far so good.

I needed some photo’ reference for the angels’ feet, as they fly up towards heaven, so I decided to stand on a chair & photograph my feet… so far so good.

I stand on the very edge of the chair, so that my feet look like they are unsupported… but then the chair slips away from under me (because I’m SO FAR over on its edge) & I end up in a heap on the floor… so far NOT so good! I broke the chair, but mercifully I didn’t brake any bones!
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