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Posted 12 Nov 2010

I still haven’t heard from Google Analytics (GA) about my missing user account/profile. It’s been over a month since I lost it. It is difficult for me to see GA’s customer service attitude in a good light. I am beginning to wonder if I should pursue some other option & stop trying to use GA, especially as it now feels like bashing my head against a brick wall! Every day that goes past with no answer from GA is also another day when I have no data from my website. So maybe now it is time to cut loose GA altogether.

There are plenty of other website analytics programs out there. Several have caught my attention: Piwik, Open Web Analytics & Crawltrack. All of these programs are “open source” which means computer software for which the source code is freely available. I rather like the sound of that, some programmers & computer developers making their programs freely available for all to use. That is sort of what I am doing by making my cartoons freely available (at least in the 20dpi low quality version) so it fits in with my own philosophy.

I’ll ask Dan my website genius friend to have a look into these programs & let me know his recommendations.

Maybe a reason I lost the GA data was so that God could make me aware of these other options… just a thought!


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