The Lord does a lot more than we expect sometimes!

Posted 01 Aug 2013

Last month (July 2013) I made some design changes to the Bible Cartoons website, but in the process I accidentally deleted the purchase buttons… so no-one could buy any cartoons. Oops! That had quite an effect on sales, such that, towards the end of the month I didn’t have much hope of achieving our sales target.

But hang on one minute…

…I was forgetting that we serve an amazing, profound, miracle-working God, who sustains all things… including our sales!

In the last few days of July we have not only had enough sales to reach our original (quite modest) sales target, but we have had sales way, way, WAY above that! I’m still picking myself up off the floor over this!

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve got faith; I’ve got belief in a miracle-performing God called Jesus. I’ve seen Him do amazing things before. But somehow I didn’t expect this result. It’s almost as if the Lord wants me to recognise again that He controls EVERYTHING that happens to us/me. I believe He is urging me to believe more… MUCH more, in His sovereign rule, authority, control & above all HIS LOVE for us/me.

Sometimes we can sort of “forget” that God loves us. We hear it quite often & I know I can sort of fail to realise just how MUCH God really does love me, and indeed, us all. I think I’ve been having a bit of a “downer” on myself lately, which is always a danger for me. But this amazing sales result has “brought me up short” & really shocked me (in a good way!) & helped me to realise that God is trying to get my attention; He seems to be “proving” His love for me in this lavish, unexpected way. Apart from achieving a sales target I didn’t think we would, I find myself believing for other things too, miracles concerning family, friends, complete strangers. I really hope that my faith is stirred up & built up & this is not just another “flash in the pan” for me.

Matthew 14 - Jesus walks on water - Scene 05 - Jesus saves PB 148x84 dpi col


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