New “Search by Bible Character” page goes live!

Posted 09 Jul 2018

I’ve just made a new page called “Search by Bible Character” available on the Bible Cartoons website. It has 145 names (some well known, some more obscure) from the Old and New Testaments, including Abraham, Moses, Aaron, Elijah, Elisha, Jesus, James, John, Paul, etc. Some of the less well known names are Orpah (daughter-in-law of Naomi/Mara), Ittai (a Gittite/native of Gath) [Army Commander], Eliezer (son of Moses), and others.

The page groups all the cartoons in which a particular person appears, so it’s easy to see how many cartoons I’ve drawn for each Biblical name. For well known names like Abraham and Moses there are more cartoons that feature these people (17 and 56 respectively), whereas some of the more obscure characters only have 1 cartoon in which they feature.

Not surprisingly Jesus the Christ features in the most cartoons: 180 in total!

As I add more cartoons, and especially as I add new people who I’ve never drawn before, the list of names will grow on the new “Search by Bible Character” page.

I really hope this new page helps people find the cartoons they are looking for. After all, it’s fairly easy to figure out where Jesus is featured in the Bible (the gospels and Acts) but where would you look to find Nicanor [a Deacon], or the Queen of Sheba? [1] Unless you possess an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Bible, it can be quite mind-blowing when you try to find a particular person in the Old or New Testament. This page should ease the strain for us, I hope!

To access the new page, simply click on the menubar on the BC website, on “Bible Cartoons”, & select ““Search by Bible Character”. Here’s a link to that page as well:

Search by Bible Character web page

In case you are wondering, Nicanor [a Deacon], is in Acts chp 06, and the Queen of Sheba appears in 2 Chronicles chp 09, in my Bible Cartoons.


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