Never give up

Posted 25 Mar 2013

Numbers 21 - Bronze snake - Scene 04 - Snake on a pole (Version 01) PB 234x105px coThere may not be a guarantee of success. We may not appear to win through in the day of conflict with spiritual forces of darkness. But if we fight them until our dying breath, at least we will have the satisfaction of knowing that we fought; continued to fight; and never, EVER gave up and quit in the struggle against the unseen, hideous forces of Satan.

Which would you rather have as your own epitaph:

1) He/she continued to believe and to fight, year after year, right up until the battle got too intense, and then he/she gave up, with the end in sight.


2) He/she fought on, and on, past any point of no return. They fought past hope of winning, and continued to fight until they drew their last breath, and even then they wouldn’t give up.

Which would you rather: dying in the attempt, with the goal of the struggle in sight, or buckling under the strain of conflict and turning away from the goal, losing all the ground you have already won at so high a price?

It is MUCH better to choose to fight, WHATEVER the personal cost to you, than to give up when the struggle intensifies and becomes so brutal, so consuming and so costly, that we know we will not physically survive the present conflict.

THAT’S true courage under fire.

That’s what Jesus displayed on the eve of his arrest, in the garden of Gethsemane and all through the trial, the flogging, the crucifixion and finally his angonizing death on the cross.

Don’t you dare tell me that Jesus doesn’t know what you and I are facing. He knows what it means to face agony and brutality and death.

May I face my own death with the same courage Jesus displayed. I pray that I will never, ever give up on the Lord and Saviour who gave his ALL to win my freedom from sin. What a price he paid.
Lord give me that strength today, and every day of this life-long struggle on earth.


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