Mark 15 - Centurions’ confession

Posted 15 Apr 2013

Mark 15 - Death of Jesus - Scene 03 - Centurion's confession
Mark 15 – Death of Jesus – Scene 03 – Centurions confession

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Bible Cartoon: Mark 15 – Death of Jesus – Scene 03 – Centurions’ confession

In this, my latest Bible Cartoon illustration, I made the centurions’ face large in the scene so that the viewer could easily see his expression – but does it show surprise, awe, confusion, fear, or what?
Remember that this man was the first person after Jesus died to make any recorded confession of his reaction to the event. The Roman centurion (a man in charge of 100 Roman soldiers) was a trusted military man, trusted that is, by Rome, Caesar & the empire; trusted to support the empire’s goals & ambitions.

Rome was a polytheistic culture at this time, meaning that the average Roman believed in many gods. Isn’t it interesting that this pagan, military man, this Roman centurion, who didn’t know Jesus from Adam (!) seems to have been mightily moved by what he saw: the unusual death of a man who claimed to be the Son of God. There must have been something particular & noteworthy about how Jesus died which lead this man to make the confession, “Surely this was the Son of God!”

One thing Jesus’ life, death (& later resurrection & ascension) shows is that everyone was suddenly able to “get it”. Suddenly anyone & everyone could make the same confession – “Oh, OK, now I get it… Jesus, you really are the Son of God!!!” Just like the Roman centurion did. He may or may not have realised the true importance of what he was saying, but the fact is he was the first ever person to utter that truth after Jesus died.

In the same way we also can now look at the historical fact of Jesus’ death on the cross & make the connection: at last I see, you really are king Jesus, God amongst us.


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