Just because I disagree with, does not mean that I hate you.

Posted 03 Dec 2019

Just because I disagree with you does not mean that I hate you.jpg
This idea seems relevant these days. I think Christians can often to accused on being intolerant or judgmental, because we have a particular view or opinion (hopefully inspired by God & the Bible!), which may be at variance to some other people’s views or opinions. But, “just because I disagree with you, it doesn’t mean that I hate you.” How true that is. And I need to also accept and promote the idea “Just because you disagree with me, that doesn’t mean you hate me either”. How much we have forgotten in our society – we do indeed need to relearn the art of disagreement, without it leading to hatred. We are all on life’s journey; discovering things as we go; learning new things all the time; discovering what we think and believe. Then relearning old truths and receiving reminders (like this one) of values that we perhaps have forgotten or overlooked. Thank you Rachel Gould for this image post from Facebook.
(Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10215268290280119&set=a.2042846870372&type=3&theater)


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