I’m being too serious... again!

Posted 06 Jul 2011

It’s a weird fact, but I get way, way, WAY too serious about life, church, leadership, the Bible Cartoons, merchandise, the business, etc, etc. That’s weird because I’m a cartoon illustrator, & I love to laugh about things! You’d think I’d be constantly wiping tears away from my eyes, wouldn’t you? Sometimes I do, but they’re not always tears of laughter, unfortunately.

Anyway, today (Monday 04/07/2011) I did a little web-based research & came across a cartoonist called Theresa McCracken. I looked at her cartoons… they made me laugh. I read her blog… it made me laugh. I even read her FAQ’s, copyright notes & biog… it all made me laugh. God knows, I sure needed to laugh… & He even gave me the right contact to make it happen! Thank you to Theresa McCracken, & to you Lord!

My conclusion: I must stop taking everything so seriously!


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