How do I add multiple items into the shopping cart?

Posted 16 May 2014

I’ve been having another look into the code that adds Bible Cartoons into the shopping cart on this website. My aim is to try to get it to allow multiple cartoons to be inserted into the cart at once… sounds easy huh?

It is easy to code for a single “Add to cart” button, where the user clicks & adds a single Bible Cartoon to the cart… but it is a whole lot harder trying to find a solution where the user clicks a single “add to cart” button & MULTIPLE Bible Cartoons are loaded in!

I’ve spent hours of effort & experimentation on the BC website, trying to get the code to behave! I’ve even taken my sanity in hand & researched using the Paypal’s Developer website… Arghhh! Don’t go there unless you want to drive yourself mad! Now I know I’m a bit dim when it comes to coding; & perhaps I’ve misunderstood, but it seems that the “add to cart” button CAN’T add more than one item per click…

… OK PayPal, so what are people supposed to do if they want to add more than one item per “add to cart” click?! … Answers on a post card to this address!

The internet is not being particularly helpful either. I’ve searched for “how to add multiple items into PayPal shopping cart” but not really found anything useful.

There doesn’t seem to be an easy solution… is there ever?

Anyone got any bright ideas or advice for me? Submissions welcomed.



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