Honesty is not dead!

Posted 17 Sep 2012

I’ve just received an email from a German magazine called “Die Gemeinde”, a monthly journal of German Baptists, which is published every 14 day to about 5500 people.

The email sender wrote that they wanted to use my Bible Cartoon (Matthew 13:45-46 – Kingdom of heaven like a pearl) to illustrate a bible story for children in the magazine… so far so good! Unfortunately they hadn’t read the copyright information I publish on the BC website, & they paid the “normal” price of £2 (GBP).

What was remarkable was the fact that the email was alerting me to this fact, & apologising – how brilliant was that! And wonderfully honest too!

I replied immediately, thanking the magazine emailer for his honesty. I explained that I would normally negotiate a price depending on the circulation of the magazine. I suggested the magazine could include the credit “Cartoon artwork supplied by Martin Young – www.biblecartoons.co.uk” which would make me happy & help to promote BC in Germany!

I think it is wonderfully uplifting that there are still people operating in this world who are honest. As I wrote to the magazine emailer, “Thank you once again for your honesty, it really does make me glad & I’m sure that the Lord will honour & bless you for it.” I certainly pray that He will. Examples of this kind of upright & honest behaviour in business & life need to be applauded whenever we come across them, don’t you think?


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