Great New BC website search function!

Posted 18 Jun 2014

For people who want to know what I’ve drawn & when, now you can search by year.

Here’s the link to the front page of this function, which has all the years (2007 to present) that I have drawn Bible Cartoons in:
Cartoons sorted by Year

For example, if someone last visited the BC website in Feb 2014, & came back in June 2014 & was wondering what I have drawn since then, they can click on the 2014 link & go to that page. They will see all of the Bible Cartoons I have drawn in 2014, so it’s easy to make sure they haven’t missed any new ones!

Writing the code was OK, but I had trouble getting it to work… when don’t I! Still, the Lord was with me, urging me on & inspiring me with new ideas, & eventually we have got it finished – hurray!

The hardest part was finding out how to convert a string (eg “03_06_2014_01”) into a date which people could read (eg 03/June/2014) I discovered a piece of code on the web which helped me to solve the string problem! Now people can see the date I actually drew & finished the cartoon, which is often NOT the same date as the one I wrote the web article, or posted the article/cartoon combination to the website!

Apologies go out to my American viewers… I know you like to display the month, then the date, then the year (eg June 06 2014) but I prefer the European way, which has the day date first, then the month, then the year. As a special compromise I managed to write a piece of code which converts the month number into a 3 character abbreviation (eg 01 = “Jan”, 02 = “Feb”, 03 = “Mar”, etc) I hope that is an acceptable compromise with all my wonderful American viewers & customers.



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