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Posted 22 Mar 2010

Some of my viewers may know that I also have a Flickr! account, where these cartoons can also be seen. Last Friday I was inspired to have a look at the number of views each of my cartoons has received. I was quite shocked by the sheer number! Below is a sample of the number of views some of the cartoons have received, in ascending order…

2 views of Mark 14 – Jesus arrested – Declaration (a mere 10 minutes after uploading the cartoon – so someone is keen to see what I’ve done – Thank you whoever you are!)

125 views of Genesis 37 – Jacob giving Joseph the coat of many colours.
246 views of Genesis 01 – Sun, moon & stars.
274 views of Mark 06 – Feeding of the 5000.
310 views of John 08 – Woman caught in adultery.
388 views of Acts 01 – The Ascension – Scene 01 – The Ascension.
412 views of John 21 – Jesus on shore (of lake Kinneret, or the Sea of Galilee).
422 views of Luke 09 – The Transfiguration – scene 05 – The cloud.
445 views of Luke 02 – The Nativity – Shepherds & angel.
498 views of Matt 02 – The Nativity – 3 wise men.
502 views of Matt 08 – Jesus calms the storm.
505 views of Exodus 14 – Parting of the Red Sea.
548 views of Genesis 22 – Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac.
555 views of Genesis 32 – The golden calf.
621 views of Luke 02 – The Nativity – Jesus, Joseph & Mary.
703 views of John 13 – Jesus washes his disciple’s feet.
756 views of 1 Samuel 17 – David & Goliath – Scene 02 0 Jesse sends David.

To have received 756 views of a single cartoon is pretty amazing. At least I am amazed, not to mention greatly encouraged, by that fact. But which cartoon has received the most views? Here it is:

1,049 views of Luke 2 – The Nativity – Manger.

I’m astonished that my little cartoon picture of Jesus in the manger has received so many views. This is one of my earliest cartoon illustrations as well! My style has developed & improved quite a lot since I drew that cartoon.

There are occasional times when I begin to wonder what will happen to the Bible Cartoons Project. Almost inevitably I sometimes wonder what I am doing & if I will ever get enough sales from the cartoons. But after seeing all these viewing statistics I am bouyed up & made more cheerful by my audiences dedication – so thank you one & all.

Thoughts about longevity & a model shop…
I met an old acquaintance on the weekend, someone I’ve not seen for probably 25 years. He runs Geoff Stubbs model shop in Oundle, Northamptonshire. Mr. Stubbs told me on Saturday that this is his 40th year in business. I felt like I’d met a celebrity when I shock his hand, & told him that I used to go into his model shop & buy airfix kits when I was a boy! As I’ve reflected on the longevity of mr. Stubbs business I couldn’t help but wonder if I’ll be drawing Bible cartoons that far into the future – I’ll be 87 years old if I do! What an honour it will be if I meet people who have happy memories of my cartoons & how they have made them feel, in the same way I have of mr. Stubbs & his model shop? I certainly hope that these cartoons will have a positive impact on viewers out there in the world. It will be good to get the comments function up & running on this website (after the e-commerce function goes live) & to start to get observations, criticisms, encouragements, etc from my viewers. That sort of thing already happens on the Flickr! site & I certainly welcome people’s comments.


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