Blue colour too dominant?

Posted 08 Oct 2010

Yesterday (07/10/2010) I printed out a lot of my cartoons, to populate a portfolio to take to the Christian Resources Exhibition. I noticed how often the colour blue dominates in my work. I use that colour a lot because many of the scenes are set outside with blue skies. I also noticed that many of the cartoons seem quite dark, as I have set them in the very early morning, or else evening/night. I try to avoid using black to depict night scenes, as it can be quite a dead colour, so I use blue to represent darkness. Hence, blue shades dominate even more!

When I printed out The Good Samaritan & the Prodigal Son, I noticed they are exceptional, in that they are very colourful & full of light, which proves I can design light & colourful scenes!

It might be a good idea to keep a record of the colours & shades that I use, in order that I ensure no colour becomes dominant in my work. I’d prefer to every major colour a fair shake of the stick! If I discover that a particular colour is largely absent from my work, or not commonly used, then I can deliberately introduce that colour in new works, to try to redress the balance.

Perhaps I can deliberately avoid using a lot of blues in future cartoons, in order to increase the use of the other major colours (Greens, Reds, Yellows, Purples, etc) & thus create a body of cartoon work, which, when seen all together, has every major colour equally well represented.


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