A very productive week

Posted 01 Oct 2010

In the last blog entry I mentioned our plan to attend the Christian Resources Exhibition in Telford in a few weeks time, to promote the Bible Cartoons Project. Bearing that in mind, I thought it was about time I got some business cards printed. I designed & ordered them online today, using this website’s current homepage composite cartoon as part of the design. I also created & have ordered some oversized postcards, which I intend to hand out to interested parties, which show some examples of my cartoons, printed in full colour. This is all part of my “getting the word out” about the Bible Cartoons Project… after all, if I don’t tell anyone what I do, I can’t expect anyone to use the cartoons, can I! Bearing that in mind, I’ve also contact a Christian Marketing Company & arranged a meeting to discuss possible ways forward in promoting & marketing the cartoons & website… very exciting!

I’m also designing Christmas cards & other Bible Cartoon merchandise. I’ve ordered the first Christmas card proofs already. Once I’m confident that the printer can do a good job, I’ll get a load more printed – all different designs. My church has agreed to allow me to put up a display of merchandise in our coffee shop, so I’m hoping to peak people’s interest & get some sales in time for Christmas. Your prayers for success would be very much welcome!

The other thing I’ve been concentrating on is re-designing the website front page, & some of the navigation pages too. You’ll see the changes occurring over the next few months, no doubt. We’re still working on the PayPal e-commerce front… hope to be fully automated very soon.

And what about the cartoons themselves I hear you ask?! Well, I’m working on Christmas designs at the moment: a re-vamp & upgrade of the Luke 02 – Manger scene, which has Jesus, Joseph & Mary in a hut-like building. I’m putting a lot more animals of various kinds into the scene. It’s going well & I hope to upload it to this website early next week.

Please pray for the Bible Cartons Project, especially the promotion & marketing of the vision.

Hope all my viewers have a great weekend & I look forward to blogging next week with more news. How about sending me an e-mail of encouragement – just click on the Contact button & type away – I’d love to hear from anybody who reads this!


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