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Permission to use Bible Cartoons for video communications during the Covid-19 crisis

Posted 06 May 2020

I’ve had a few requests recently, asking if it would be OK for people to buy Bible Cartoons and use them in video communications. Requests have come from church leaders wanting to send a video message to their congregations to encourage them & so on. There has been some concern about infringing my copyright if the cartoons are used in this way. I just want to reassure anyone reading this that I am very happy for them to use my Bible Cartoons for video communications, & I hereby give my permission for my Bible Cartoons sold to be used for video communications within a church setting, during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Anything that I can do to ease the burden, or lighten people’s spirits is OK by me! And if the cartoon images can be used to build people up in their faith, all the better. Frankly I am humbled that anyone wants to use my work in this way – what an honour!

I saw a Youtube video yesterday I which an American preacher used all of my “Judges 13-16 – The life of Samson” Bible Cartoons to teach on the book of Judges (which contains Samson’s story). The preacher got my permission first (thanks for that), and the finished result worked really well. Another church used some Bible Cartoons to create a children’s video message that went out over Easter, which looked great.

I think it is brilliant that churches want to stay in touch using video technology. The church my wife & I attend (ForeFront Church in Duston, Northamptonshire, UK) uses Zoom to hold a Sunday service. It works very well; we even manage to worship together, take communion, and the sermons are great to listen too. This is a great use of our technology whilst we are unable to personally attend church.


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New Luke’s Gospel Bible Cartoons: The Parable of the Rich Fool

Posted 30 Apr 2020

Although I haven’t posted any new blog articles or on social media much, I have been drawing and colouring up Bible Cartoons. I have drawn 4 of the 5 scenes devised for Luke chp 12, Jesus’ parable of the Rich Fool.

Oddly enough I decided to start drawing Scene 3,4 and 5 first, and then drew scene 1. I coloured up the scenes in that order too, and have now loaded them into the BC website. I just have scene 2 to draw and colour up and then the set will be finished.

Here’s a link to the first scene:

Bible Cartoon: Luke 12 – Parable of the Rich Fool – Scene 01 – Crowd caller

You can use the Forward and Back buttons below the pictures to navigate to the other scenes in this 5 part set.


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