There’s that goody-goody bloke I hate...

There’s that goody-goody bloke I hate. He always does the right thing. He loves everybody – how yucky is that?! He wants to make everything good; everyone happy. He wants to help everyone. I can’t stand that… or him.

As for me, I love power, I love producing fear in the people I meet. I’m nasty, corrupt, a sneak, a liar, a murderer & utterly evil… & I’m glad I’m that way.

That goody-goody bloke is more powerful than me, but I’m sly; I’ve got fear on my side. All I need to do to get people to follow me is to appeal to their human nature: greed, self-interest, stuff like that. All I need to do is use subtle lies about that goody-goody bloke, & people won’t want anything to do with him.

He’s written a book, all about how people can get to know him; all about how much he loves them… it makes me sick. But people keep reading it, & discovering what that goody-goody bloke thinks about them. Then they start to believe in his goody-goody nature. So I’ll lie about that book & try & get as many people as possible to leave it on their bookshelves, unread. Or better yet, I’ll try & make sure they never even have a copy. There’s some countries in this world where even owning that book is illegal: people go to prison for having it & for believing it. I really like that! Even in countries where it’s available, I’ll try to make sure no-one reads it by telling them lies about it: you can’t trust it; that goody-goody bloke didn’t write it, people did, so there’s bound to be errors in it. I’ll try & keep people from reading that awful book & discovering the truth… can’t have that now, can I!?

Worst of all, that goody-goody bloke sent his son to tell people just how much he loves them… & people listened to him too! I can’t have that either. I thought I’d “nailed” him good & proper when I got his own people to crucify him! I thought that would shut him up. But that goody-goody bloke’s son had spread his arms wide & died on a Roman cross as proof of his & his father’s love for people. I thought I’d defeated him & his slushy love, but it turns out I only helped his plans to bring people back into relationship with himself. Arghhhh! How awful! I can’t go back in time & fix that mess up. The truth is out now: that goody-goody bloke REALLY loves human beings.

Ah well, I’ve still got an “ace up my sleeve” (I’m a cheat, after all!)… I can still lie about that goody-goody bloke & his wretched son. Lie about his motives; lie about that book he wrote that tells humans what he’s really like… all full of that slushy love for them. I even manage to get them to believe that this goody-goody bloke & his wretched son don’t exist. I manage to get people to “worship” science & their own human cleverness. I get them to accept my lies that this world came about by random chance, that the universe just happen, like it came about out of some kind of a Big Bang or something like that… & many of them believe it! I get many of them to believe in other religions, or no religion, in spirits, in luck, in all kinds of stuff… just so long as they don’t start believing in that goody-goody bloke & his son. People are so gullible, so easy to lie to. My job’s child’s play really!

People are so gullible that when I lie to them & tell them that goody-goody bloke isn’t really interested in them, they’re so stupid that they believe me! I tell them he’s cross with them, because of the way they live & they believe it! I tell them he wants them to get rid of all their joy & happiness & be miserable & sad & they believe that too! I tell them they have to perform perfectly or else that goody-goody bloke won’t like them & definitely won’t let them go & live with him when they die… & they believe that lie too. That goody-goody bloke’s son went & died for them, JUST so they COULD say sorry for their wrong-doing, & then go & live with him for ever. But with a little lie, they manage to trip up over that simple truth & just don’t get it! How thick these people are! It’s just too easy really, I manage to get so many of them to reject that goody-goody bloke, if only they knew just how EASY it is to be blissfully happy, contented, hopeful, to have eternal life, to enjoy their lives right now.

Thank me & my nastiness that these human creatures so readily believe the worst of each other & the worst about that goody-goody bloke & his son. They make my job so easy really!

I hate that goody-goody bloke & those human beings, and if I can keep them believing my lies, & rejecting that slushy love from that goody-goody bloke, then they’ll end up in this fiery pit he threw me in. I could do with some more company. Keep rejecting that goody-goody bloke’s truth, & keep believing my lies people… and you’ll end up here with me for all eternity, which is just what I want.

The Devil