Header logos

Here is the collection of all the header logos, which appear at the top of the Bible Cartoons website.
I thought I’d include the whole collection in one place, since the only time you can normally see a single design is when they are individually on display at the top of the page!

Some are only shown at specific times of the year, e.g. Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, etc. Other designs are displayed during the relevant seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.)

There is a “catch-all” miscellaneous section, for headers which are used at odd times!

Special annual events headers.

Advent headers.

First used at Christmas 2014
BC Header Christmas Advent Wreath week01

BC Header Christmas Advent Wreath week02

BC Header Christmas Advent Wreath week03

BC Header Christmas Advent Wreath week04

BC Header Christmas Advent Wreath Christmas Eve

Christmas headers.

BC Header Christmas Present

BC Header Christmas Shepherds

New Year headers.

BC Header Happy New Year

Easter headers.

BC Header Crucifixion Easter

Pentecost headers.

BC Header Pentecost Fire

Seasonal headers.

BC Header Ploughing for Harvest

BC Header Winter Wonder

Miscellaneous headers.

BC Header Elijah and the chariot of fire

BC Header Digital Cross

BC Header Moses Nile Basket

BC Header Moses Rainbow

BC Header Christian to the core!

BC Header Moses Red Sea

BC Header Rough Seas

BC Header Fun Truth and Power

BC Header Steps of Faith

BC Header Miracles

BC Header Wonder