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Hi there & welcome to the world of my Bible Cartoons!

I just want to explain how to get the most out of this website; how it is organised & where & how to find the large number of Bible Cartoons available.

The “Hub and News” page (see in above menubar) contains many links to other pages. It acts like a cyber-crossroads, enabling you to dive off in many different directions.

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How this website is organised…

How to view cartoons All the cartoons that you are looking for are stored in a database & accessed via the “Bible Cartoons” button in the menubar above.

Search by Bible Book
Click this button to see a grid of the 66 books in the whole Bible. The number in brackets after each Bible book title tells you how many cartoons I’ve drawn for each book. Click on a book to see all the cartoons in it!

Search by Keyword
Click this button & then type a word into our search engine & see all cartoons & blog entries with that keyword in it. Great for searching for specific subjects!

Search by Famous Bible Story
This page displays all the well known Bible stories in 4 tables, with links to the cartoons.

Search by Bible Doctrine
(Not working… yet!) This search function will display all the doctrines (subjects & teachings) of the Bible, with links to cartoons. Subjects like The Trinity, Eternal Life, Sin, Jesus Christ, Justification, Heaven, etc.
We will add other Search functions in future… watch this space!

Gospel Illustrations.
These are similar to Bible Cartoons, but they tend to depict overarching themes of the whole Bible.

Meta4 Pictures.
This is a collection of my dream &/or vision pictures, with other scenes depicting figures of speech or common phrases that lend themselves to a picture.

How to view articles & other information.

This website has a lot more stuff in it than just cartoons!

Articles & Issues section – See sub-menu item under “Information” on the menubar above.

This is a collection of notes, ideas, & snippets of information I’ve discovered whilst researching for the Bible Cartoon Illustrations. It includes the benefits of using Bible Cartoons in various Christian church & ministry settings.

BC Encylopaedia – See sub-menu item under “Information” on the menubar above.

The BC Encyclopaedia is a searchable collection of my research notes, interesting facts, snippets of information, design notes & bits & pieces I’ve discovered whilst researching for the Bible Cartoon Illustrations. I’ll be adding new entries as I discover more things about the Holy Land, the Hebrew people, ancient civilizations, the animals & plants of Biblical times, etc. Please note, this is NOT an exhaustive encyclopaedia, as it only contains information which I have found useful & pertinent to my Bible Cartoon Illustrations. For general encyclopaedias, see the BC Links page.

BC Blog – See sub-menu item under “Information” on the menubar above.

This is where I keep my viewers informed of my cartooning progress; what I’m currently working on; what the Lord may have revealed to me recently & lots of other musings & thoughts from life! There is a complete archive of past blog entries available.

Merchandise & Products
The “Merchandise” button (see menubar above) takes the viewer to a section of this website, where they can see all the Merchandise & Bible Cartoons products for sale.

Some of the benefits of the cartoons & website include:
1) This website provides low resolution cartoons free of charge. When you find a cartoon you like, simply click on the “Download free 20dpi low quality cartoon” button, in the gallery view page & it’s yours!

2) You can purchase higher resolution copies of cartoons for a small fee. A4 cartoons at 72dpi cost £1. A4 cartoons at 150dpi cost £2. You might need these higher resolution images if you plan to print out my cartoons for use on your printed materials, newsletters, flyers, etc, in order to enhance your own publications.

3) I regularly upload new cartoons to the site.

4) You can e-mail me with suggestions, or ask me to produce cartoon illustrations that you particularly want or need.

5) There are information pages that explain my own beliefs & associations, so that you can be sure that my Christian faith is “above board”, thus providing you with peace of mind about my own Christian faith, & the cartoons I am drawing.

I hope that this website is of interest to you. I would love to hear your opinions about the cartoons & the website, so please e-mail me with your views… just navigate to the Contact page & tell me what you think.

May God richly bless you,

Martin Young
Bible Cartoon Illustrator
“Evangelizing, encouraging, educating & entertaining through Bible Cartoon illustrations.”

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