Bible Cartoons - benefits for Sunday School teachers

How can Bible cartoons help you, if you are a Sunday school teacher, Youth pastor, Young people’s worker, etc…

Bible Cartoons can…

  1. Help you to provide effective Sunday school.
  2. Help you spice up your Sunday school & youth activities.
  3. Provide consistent artistic style in all your Sunday school classes.
  4. Provide for visual learners in your Sunday school classes.
  5. Help you reach all age groups.
  6. Help you overcome language barriers.
  7. Help you provide interesting materials for older children/Youth work.
  8. Help you communicate a relevant, meaningful & fun Bible-based education.
  9. Help your youth in their own Evangelism.
  10. Encourage all Christians.
  11. Want a particular Bible Cartoon, but can’t find it on this website? – Contact me
  12. Message to all Sunday School Teachers.

1. Bible Cartoons helps you to provide effective Sunday school.
We aim to provide you with lots of resources to make Sunday school & youth teaching ministries a pleasure.

Most children respond to visual stimulation & Bible Cartoons aim to engage children of all ages – & adults, as well! Lots of Sunday school teachers have already discovered the benefits of using Bible Cartoons to engage their children & young people; to focus their attention on lessons in a fun, exciting, attention-grabbing way – why not give it a try!?

2. Bible Cartoons can spice up your Sunday school & youth activities.
Bible Cartoons are excellent at helping you express your ideas, concepts and points in fun and visually stimulating ways. Many Sunday school teachers are convinced that their young people enjoy strong visuals in a Sunday school setting. Why not use Bible Cartoons to engage your group? Lots of Sunday school teachers are already using Bible Cartoons in their classes – & getting great results as a consequence!

3. Looking for a consistent artistic style in your visual presentations?
Many Sunday school teachers have to rely on a wide range of photographs, clip art, & illustrations by various artists, in many different artistic styles to create their presentations. Different styles in visuals creates a mishmash of visuals, that can undermine the professional look of your presentations. Here at Bible Cartoons, we present all the illustrations in the same style, by the same artist, which automatically provides you with consistent, high quality cartoon illustrations, to boost the professionalism of all your presentations.

4. Use Bible Cartoons to encourage visual learners in your classes.
There is a theory that some children are verbal learners, some are kinesthetic (doing) learners, whilst some are visual learners. If you are having difficulty keeping the attention of your visual learners, why not try using Bible Cartoons, to engage them? We want to help you, so give us a try!

5. Bible Cartoons help you reach all age groups
Bible Cartoons engage the youngest children in your youth group, and the oldest ones too! Pretty much everyone likes cartoons, and they are therefore great for all aspects of your youth work.

Bible Cartoons can really help you grab the attention of your class & help you to communicate the Christian Gospel in a fun, colourful, exciting & dramatic way.

6. Bible Cartoons help you overcome language barriers.
Bible Cartoons are visually powerful and can be used to engage non-English speaking children. The multi-cultural potential of cartoons is virtually limitless.

7. Bible Cartoons can help you provide interesting materials for older children/Youth work.
Bible Cartoons are colourful, exciting & visually rich, so they are an excellent way to help you get your ideas, concepts and points across to your youth group or Bible class, in fun and visually stimulating ways. It can be difficult to keep young people on task, or engaged with what you are trying to teach them! Why not give them a Bible Cartoon to look at, to supplement your Bible reading or other teaching materials & keep your children more engaged with you & your lesson goals.

8. Bible Cartoons help you communicate a relevant, meaningful & fun Bible-based education.
Bible Cartoons are visually colourful & engaging & can be used to get doctrinal points across, in clear, meaningful, entertaining & thought-provoking ways. Bible Cartoons can be powerfully used to make interesting points about the Holy Bible, church life, peer pressures, the difficulties of remaining true to Christian morality in a secular world, etc & bring the stories & characters of the Holy Bible to life in ways that no amount of reading could!

9. Help your youth in their own Evangelism
How can Bible Cartoons help your youth group reach out & communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their friends & school mates? Remaining true to Jesus Christ can be trying for many Christian, but imagine what it’s like in a school setting, with peer pressure. Our aim & hope is that Bible Cartoons can be used effectively by you, a Sunday school teacher, to talk about appropriate Bible characters (e.g. Daniel) who also faced opposition & peer pressure, but remained true to their faith & beliefs.

Bible Cartoons are a very effective means for Christians to communicate with non-Christians outside the church. Because cartoons are fun, colourful & interesting, it is our hope that your Christian young people will be able to use them to communicate their beliefs & Christian faith to their peers, in fun-loving & engaging ways, that encourage their non-Christian friends to look for themselves into the amazing life of Jesus Christ & all that He offers us.

10. Encouragement for all Christians
One of the purposes of Bible Cartoons is to encourage all Christians, young & old, everywhere in the world, to look into the Holy Bible & see what the Lord is saying to them. Sometimes it can be difficult to get enthusiastic about reading the Bible… why not take a look at some of the Bible Cartoons & allow the Lord to speak to you in a new, fun, colourful & engaging way?!

10. Want a particular Bible Cartoon, but can’t find it on this website? – Contact me
Simply click on this link & send us an e-mail with your request & I’ll try to provide you with the subject matter you need.

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Message to all Sunday School Teachers.

12. Are you a shy or self-conscious Christian who nevertheless wants to communicate the love of Christ?… here’s hope for you!
Bible Cartoons are great for us shy Christians who want to communicate our faith, but are often lost for words!

Communicating God’s love & the Gospel message to non-Christians can be worrying, anxiety-inducing, or down right scarey! Why not use one of our Bible Cartoons to open up natural lines of conversation with your family, colleagues & friends in non-threatening, amiable, & fun-loving ways? people’s eyes “zoom in” on the pictures & their bound to ask what its all about – perfect opportunity for you start explaining all about them, & your share faith.

You never know how the Lord might just use your new Bible Cartoons to help you start a conversation about your Christian faith & what you believe… & who knows where that might lead… exciting, isn’t it?!