How we use cookies on this website
Please read the Bible Cartoons (BC) Cookie Policy for details about how and why cookies are used by Bible Cartoons.

How we use information
Like many websites, Bible Cartoons uses Google Analytics to track how many visitors use this site, what pages they visit, what search terms they use, and how they find things. Details of your right to opt out of Google Analytics, and how to do that is covered in the BC Cookie Policy.

Once a purchase has been made (via PayPal) we often send an email to the email address given to PayPal, thanking a customer for that purchase. There is also a very brief Bible Cartoons Questionnaire (only 10 questions!) in the email, which is designed to gain a better understanding of our customers and what they would like to use the Bible Cartoons for, what they like or don’t like about the BC website, etc.

There is now a link included in the email that allows a customer to fill in the Questionnaire on-line (using Google Forms), if they choose to.

It is very helpful to receive answers from customers, since drawing all day can be quite a lonely existence, and knowing that someone is benefiting from the work is very gratifying!

The answers a customer provides are kept STRICTLY private and for our own use only. We are deeply committed to our customer’s privacy and security, and we NEVER pass customer answers on to any third party.

Customer Map
One of the BC website pages shows maps giving the approximate position of Bible Cartoon’s customers.

We deeply respect our customer’s privacy and are committed to keeping it. For this reason place markers only show the approximate location of a customer, often many miles away from their actual address. In fact, if you zoom in on many locations you will see that the place markers are usually positioned on a road junction or nearest body of water, some distance from the customers actual home!

Customer names and/or address are NEVER displayed on customer maps.

Bible Cartoons Privacy Policy – version 1.0 applicable from 25 May 2017

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