These maps show the approximate position of Bible Cartoon’s customers.

We deeply respect our customer’s privacy & are committed to keeping it. For this reason place markers only show the approximate location of a customer. In fact, if you zoom in on many locations you will see that the place markers are usually positioned on a road junction or nearest body of water, some distance from the customers actual home!

No customer names are displayed either.

Bible Cartoons customers map 2020-2029

Colour Key

Cadmium Yellow/Orange with white spot = 2020

Bible Cartoons customers map 2010-2019

Colour Key

Dark Burgundy with white spot = 2019
Sky Blue with white spot = 2018
Brown with white spot = 2017
Yellow Green = 2016
Yellow = 2015
Sky Blue with black spot = 2014
Pink with black spot = 2013
Red with black spot = 2012
Pale Teal (Green-Blue) with black spot = 2011
Green with black spot = 2010