Bible Cartoons - benefits in Evangelism

How can the use of Bible cartoons help you, if you are involved in Evangelism?

Bible Cartoons can…

  1. Help you evangelise an exciting Gospel message.
  2. Help you publisise your church events.
  3. Help you communicate with not-yet-Christians
  4. Encourage all Christians.
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1. Bible Cartoons can help your church Evangelise with an exciting Gospel message.
How can Bible Cartoons help you & your church reach out & communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people in your community? Cartoons are visually eye-catching & are great for getting the attention of people you want to attract to your church & its various outreach events.

2. Bible Cartoons can help you publicize your church events
Bible Cartoons can be used very effectively in all your church’s posters & flyers; when you run a course, or want to attract attention to something your church is doing.

Bible Cartoons are striking & attention-grabbing… why not use them in publishing your church’s groups & what you & your church offer to your local community?

3. Bible Cartoons can help you communicate with non-Christians
Why not use Bible Cartoons on your posters & flyers, to help you draw visitors to your church outreach & mission events? There’s nothing like a colourful cartoons to pique the interest of people who might otherwise dismiss you & your church!

Communicating God’s love & the Gospel message to non-Christians can be worrying, anxiety-inducing, or down right scarey! Why not use Bible Cartoons to open up natural lines of conversation with your not-yet-Christian colleagues & friends in non-threatening, amiable, & fun-loving ways? Who can resist you when you make them chuckle?!

Bible Cartoons are a very effective means for Christians to communicate with non-Christians outside the church. Leaflets, posters, fliers, advertisements, web pages, etc can all use Bible Cartoons to get Christ’s message of salvation across succinctly, colourfully & powerfully, to people in local, national & international settings.

4. Encouragement for all Christians
One of the purposes of Bible Cartoons is to encourage all Christians, young & old, everywhere in the world, to look into the Holy Bible & see what the Lord is saying to them. Sometimes it can be difficult to get enthusiastic about reading the Bible… why not take a look at some of the Bible Cartoons & allow the Lord to speak to you in a new, fun, colourful & engaging way?! We want every Christian to be excited by God, by the Holy Bible & to be expectant that God can & will use the Bible to communicate His will to us all. And if God wants to use these Bible Cartoons to achieve that aim, then we will be delighted!

5. Want a particular Bible Cartoon, but can’t find it on this website? – Contact me
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