Bible Cartoons - benefits for Church leaders

How can the use of Bible cartoons help you,if you are a vicar, pastor, preacher, evangelist, elder or are otherwise involved in leading a Church?

Bible Cartoons can…

  1. Spice up your sermons.
  2. Help you communicate difficult bits of the Bible!
  3. Encourage visual learners at your church.
  4. Help you reach all age groups: remain relevant to everyone.
  5. Help get your point across more powerfully.
  6. Help people to read their Bibles.
  7. Overcome language barriers.
  8. Provide consistent artistic style in all your visual presentations.
  9. Help you attract attention for your church’s courses.
  10. Help your Evangelism.
  11. Help effective visual Gospel communication.
  12. Encourage all Christians.
  13. Need a particular Bible Story illustrating – Contact me

1. Bible Cartoons can spice up sermons & other presentations.
Bible Cartoons are great for getting people’s attention. They are excellent at helping you to express your ideas, concepts and biblical points in fun and visually stimulating ways. Many ministers are now convinced that their congregations enjoy strong & powerful visuals in a church sermon – why not use Bible Cartoons to engage your congregation? Lots of ministers are already using Bible Cartoons in this way – & getting great results as a consequence!

2. Bible Cartoons can help you communicate difficult bits of the Bible!
Ever found that some parts of the Bible switch off your congregation?! Some bits of the Bible (like parts of Leviticus, Numbers, etc) are really difficult to communicate in a way that engages your congregation. Lists of genealogies & people, lists of ancient Hebrew laws, places & people in the Bible which are unfamiliar to most of us, can leave your congregation scratching their heads or, worse still, comatose in their seats! Why not use Bible Cartoons to revitalise your preaching on those difficult concepts & passages of the Bible?

One of the many aims of the Bible Cartoons Project is to provide cartoons to help preachers, ministers, church leaders, small group leaders & Sunday school teachers to explain those parts of the Bible which are harder for us in the modern, Western world to understand.

3. Use Bible Cartoons to encourage visual learners in your church.
Bible Cartoons can be used to engage members of the congregation in new & fresh (visual) ways. Some people need a visual focal point (like a projected image, or printed materials) in order to engage fully with what you are preaching about. Bible Cartoons engage visual learners in particular, who might otherwise remain less engaged by a largely verbal sermon. Engage everyone in your congregation by using Bible Cartoons!

4. Bible Cartoons help you reach all age groups.
It can be difficult to talk to the adults in your church, without “switching off” your children, & vice versa! Bible cartoons can help you to bridge the gap between the age groups in your church, by giving a fun, colourful, dramatic visual “kick” to your sermons.
Bible Cartoons help you to remain relevant to everyone.

5. Get your point across more powerfully.
Bible Cartoons can be used by you to powerfully communicate all the points you want your congregation to understand & take on board. You can explain what the Holy Bible says about God, the world, humanity, the church, discipleship, miracles, mission, prayer, salvation, life & all the other aspects of Christian doctrine… right from Aaron to the Zuzites! If we’ve got a cartoon about it, you can use it to help your church grow in Christian maturity.

Rather than just telling your congregation what you feel God wants them to know, why not show them using visually powerful, thought-provoking Bible Cartoons, which back up & amplify your spoken & written word?

6. Bible Cartoons can help people who struggle to read their Bibles.
For some people, reading the Holy Bible is a bit like a chore, rather than a pleasure! Why not use Bible Cartoons to help your reluctant Bible readers to get into the Word of God?!

Bible Cartoons can be powerfully used to make the characters, situations & stories of the Bible really come alive, which in turn can help to encourage & challenge your congregation.

Once people get “switched on” to the Bible by seeing these Bible Cartoons, they may learn to love reading it for themselves!

7. Bible Cartoons can help you overcome language barriers.
Bible Cartoons are visually powerful and can be used to engage non-English speaking people. The multi-cultural potential of cartoons is virtually limitless. We know, because we’ve used these Bible Cartoons on missions trips to the Far East, & when language is a problem, Bible Cartoons can still help you to engage with an audience for whom English is not their first language.

8. Bible Cartoons provides consistent artistic style for all your visual presentations.
Many preachers visual presentations are quite a mishmash of photographs, clip art, & illustrations by various artists, in many different artistic styles, all of which can undermine the professional look of their presentations. Here at Bible Cartoons, we present all the illustrations in the same style, by the same artist, which automatically provides you with consistent, high quality cartoon illustrations, to boost the professionalism of all your sermons & other presentations.

9. Bible Cartoons can help you attract attention when your church runs courses.
If you want to attract attention to any course your church might be running, e.g. Alpha, Christianity Explored, Freedom in Christ, etc then why not advertise the event using Bible Cartoons to grab people’s attention? Your fliers, posters, website & other methods of communication can all be boosted by using Bible Cartoons, bringing more people to the events you & your church runs.

10. Bible Cartoons can help your Evangelism.
How can Bible Cartoons help you & your church reach out & communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people in your community? If you & your church want to reach out & encourage non-Christians then why not use Bible Cartoons to engage with them? Cartoons are visually eye-catching & are great for getting the attention of people you want to attract to your church & its various events.

Why not use Bible Cartoons on your posters & flyers, to help you draw visitors to your church events? There’s nothing like a colourful cartoons to pique the interest of people who might otherwise miss out on what you & your church is doing!

11. Bible Cartoons can help with effective visual Gospel communication.
Bible Cartoons can be used very effectively in witnessing, outreach & mission programmes. Bible Cartoons are striking & attention-grabbing… why not use them in your church’s posters & flyers, when you run a course, or want to attract attention to something your church is doing?

Bible Cartoons are a very effective means for Christians to communicate with non-Christians outside the church. Leaflets, posters, fliers, advertisements, web pages, etc can all use Bible Cartoons to get Christ’s message of salvation across succinctly, colourfully & powerfully, to people in local, national & international settings.

12. Encouragement for all Christians
One of the purposes of Bible Cartoons is to encourage all Christians, young & old, everywhere in the world, to look into the Holy Bible & see what the Lord is saying to them. Sometimes it can be difficult to get enthusiastic about reading the Bible… why not take a look at some of the Bible Cartoons & allow the Lord to speak to you in a new, fun, colourful & engaging way?! We want every Christian to be excited by God, by the Holy Bible & to be expectant that God can & will use the Bible to communicate His will to us all. And if God wants to use these Bible Cartoons to achieve that aim, then we will be delighted!

13. Need a particular Bible Story illustrating – why not contact me?
If you have a particularly thorny passage of the Bible that you need to communicate to your congregation, why not send me an e-mail & let me help?

Simply click on this link & let me draw that Bible passage for you? We’re here to help you!

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