My artwork is based on the Holy Bible. My intention is to produce cartoons relating to every book of the Bible. In fact I’d like to produce a cartoon for every chapter…I recognize that this is a mammoth task! There are 66 books in the Bible, totaling 1188 chapters!

Some Bible books have many chapters & so will take longer to finish than others. For example Genesis has 50 chapters, whilst Ruth has only 4. Some books of the bible will lend themselves more readily to cartoon illustration than others. The gospels, since they are essentially narrative (story-like) in nature, are easier to illustrate than some poetry books, or books of law, for instance. However, I’ll try to be fair & illustrate all of the 66 books of the Holy Bible.

I have decided to concentrate on the most well known Bible stories first of all, creating a series of cartoons that tell each story. I am alternating between an Old & New Testament book, thereby gradually building up cartoons relating to both Testaments.

I hope that my viewers can occasionally see humour in my cartoons – that is one of their intentions, though my primary concern is to produce cartoon illustrations that are accurate to the content of the chapter & Bible book in question.

With regard to the website itself, I aim to provide many different search functions, so that viewers will be able to easily & quicky find what they are looking for. I also hope that the eventual depth & breadth of this Bible Cartoon Project will create enthusiasm in my viewers to go & read the Holy Bible for themselves & discover this amazingly rich world for themselves.

Some benefits of using my cartoon illustrations might include:

1) Bible Cartoons can spice up evangelistic talks & presentations, at church, in schools, in small groups, etc. They are excellent at helping you express your ideas, concepts and points in fun and visually stimulating ways.

2) Bible Cartoons are visually colourful & engaging. Cartoons can be used to get points across, in clear, meaningful, entertaining & thought-provoking ways.

3) Bible Cartoons engage “visual learners” in particular, & help them to connect powerfully with your spoken message.

4) Bible Cartoons can be powerfully used to make interesting points about salvation, evangelism, the Holy Bible, church life, heaven & hell, sin, and lots of other topics, that back up your other communication methods: i.e. your spoken & written presentations.

5) Bible Cartoons engage audiences across all age ranges & are therefore great for all aspects of evangelism: children’s work, youth work, young adults, mature people, etc.

6) Bible Cartoons are visually powerful and can be used to engage non-English speaking people. The multi-cultural potential of cartoons is virtually limitless.

7) Bible Cartoons are a very effective means for Christians to communicate with non-Christians outside the church setting. Leaflets, posters, fliers, advertisements, web pages, etc can all use Bible Cartoons to get Christ’s message of salvation across succinctly, colourfully & powerfully, to people in local, national & international settings.