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Customer Comments and Testimonials – 2024

“We found your material to be of excellent quality. We stumbled upon your website during an intense search for children’s materials. Everything we saw on your page was excellent. I want to commend your work and give thanks to God for how He has used it for His kingdom.” – Rogério R. Sines, Portugal (Received 30/04/2024)

“Initially I was looking for some backdrops so I could fill in with people and items (I have a cutout of Jesus, a donkey, palm branches and a crowd and wanted a backdrop so the kids could create their own scene), but the cartoons are upbeat, I think the kids will love them and there are so many to choose and will be so helpful to go along with the stories I am reading.
Really excited to have found your work as a resource and that I can download it for a reasonable price! Thanks. ” – Melanie C. Lake Toxaway, North Carolina, USA (Received 12/March/2024)

“You do a brilliant job of capturing the elements necessary to tell a story.” – Margarita V. Mesa, Arizona, USA (Received 20/Feb/2024

Customer Comments and Testimonials – 2023

“Yesterday, I used your illustrations from the Israelites crossing the Jordan and the Conquest of Jericho. At one point during my teaching, a little first grade boy evidently got impatient that I was going too slowly and said, When are we going to see the next picture? He was totally immersed in your illustrations. It was bringing the Bible alive to him!” – Cindy H, Georgia, USA (Received 16/October/2023)

“Martin, thank you very much. It’s great to hear from you in person. Here at Virginia Theological Seminary, we really, really love your artwork. I appreciate what you do!” – Stephen C. (Received 09/October/2023)

“They are quality illustrations showing the action, with believable cartoon figures whose well-captured expressions and postures tell the story. They immediately capture the children’s interest, despite these particular children not all having long attention spans. High reading competence is also not needed, which also suits our children..
No problems with the website. Also, I appreciate that your characters are not predominantly drawn with white skins. In fact, a few more brown-skinned (and other skin-coloured) leading characters would help our Maaori children intuitively understand that Jesus is for them.” – Bert J., Hamilton, New Zealand. (Received 01/August/2023)

[In answer to my question “What drew you to my Bible Cartoon illustrations in particular?”] “Attractive and expressive illustrations. In the Pictures I purchased that the House was an accurate representation and showed the external stairs for example. I appreciate the facial expressions and the way the images look alive! I also appreciate that you have several images for the one story so I am able to use them all for my sermon.” – Tracy V, Birkdale, Queensland, Australia (Received 28/June/2023)

“Finding visual aids that are scripturally accurate is vital for us. I create activities for the students that reinforce the Bible Story. I can print out your pictures to use to tell the story and then put a small one on the activity to tie it all together; so having the digital form is perfect for us.
I found your website very easy to navigate. Just a small problem with a download, but was resolved quickly due to your diligence. The organizing of the stories was very easy to navigate. The site was very quick and responsive. I particularly like the landscape pictures, to use in story building activities.” – Teri W, Sanger, California, USA (Received 02/May/2023)

“I have a visual media driven personality, so I always prepare visuals to follow along and present the lesson… I try to start my lessons with ice-breakers that are amusing but illustrate what we are studying and your cartoons help me with this.” – John D, Moody, Alabama, USA (Received 26/April/2023)

[In answer to the question “What drew you to my Bible Cartoon illustrations in particular?”] “I love the vivid colors, graphic exaggeration and attention to detail. I wanted the children to be impressed with the enormity and severity of the plagues—your pictures do this much better than anything I have seen. I feel like you have done a really good job of covering a wide range of Bible stories.” – Sharron M, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA (Received 25/Feb/2023)

Customer Comments and Testimonials – 2022

“Clothing, hair color, skin color, eye color, etc. (in your Bible Cartoons) looks authentic to the region. I like the facial expressions on the people and animals. Cartoons have a modern look to them, not like the old pictures I grew up with. Pictures accurately represent text of the Bible. Yours was the only site I could find that told the story in 1 Kings of the young man of God and the old prophets. You probably have every story I would need!” – Susan L, Germantown, Tennessee, USA (Received 10/Oct/2022)

“They [the Bible Cartoons] are awesome! I needed it because the kids were in the service and they were all mesmerised by the cartoons! They are fun and detailed! Thank you for all that you do! It was a blessing to our church!” – Brenda B. (Pastor) – (Received 26/Sept/2022)

“I am using it [the Bible Cartoon I bought] to illustrate the way the Merarites and Gershonites moved the Tabernacle. No one else was interested in anything but how the Ark was carried. You showed that and the carts and oxen that would have moved the rest of the tabernacle. I love the many expressions of your characters! You really humanize them, yet they are cartoons – so there is the humor there, too, to keep the attention.” – Helen S, Broken Arrow, OK, USA (Received 21/Sept/2022)

[In answer to the question: What drew you to my Bible Cartoon illustrations in particular?] “When preparing a sermon I often do an image search to see if a picture sparks a thought. All the other pictures of Paul and Silas in prison were traditional and somewhat gloomy. Your cartoon made me laugh out loud and it was thoroughly enjoyed by the people in the church. One person took the copy I’d made home to show to his wife. I found it easy (to find your Bible Cartoons) because the image search took me to the picture. Your cartoon was one of the first up (in my search). There is lots of humour in the bible and humour can enlighten a passage as much as serious thoughts.” – Rev. Catherine B. Salisbury, UK (Received 02/June/2022)

[Regarding the question of what drew you to my Bible Cartoons:] “There is an expectancy in the facial expression but simultaneously alertness and eagerness. There is also a childlike feel about the cartoon character. We have to come to Christ as children, trusting and willing and “sort of” keen, knowing our Father is never far away. I think you captured this for me.”

[Regarding the question of how did you get on with the Bible Cartoons website:] “I like that you don’t clutter your web page with too much stuff. The print is large which is easy on the eyes. The colours are bright but gentle and therefore, for me anyway, are not confusing the information you are trying to provide. The layout is also very good. I like the way things are spaced out and not too close together which can give a cluttered or crowded effect. I have no problems navigating your site.” – Gabriele G, Isle of Man, UK (Received 01/June/2022)

[What do you like about the Bible Cartoons:] “Facial expressions and the professional look! “Cartoons” makes it feel like it’ll be cheap looking but yours are GRAPHICS — very well done and professional.” – Kozhi M, The Woodlands, Texas, USA (Received 29/March/2022)

“I love the eyes and sense of fun in your Bible Cartoons. Not too serious. I like how the Bible Cartoon website is organized. Thank you soooo much for your illustrations! I love them!” – Gail J, Portland, Oregon, USA ( Received 14/March/2022)

“I went to Pinterest to find a simple map of the Exodus journey. After eliminating so many maps as too complex or cluttered, the one purchased from Bible Cartoons was “just right”. I want my class to realize that when Moses traveled from Pharoah’s court to Median, it took some time! It was not just the next town! Payment was very easy. Thanks.” – Karen T, Orland, California, USA. (received 02/March/2022)

“We’re studying Joshua this term, and I was keen to find maps that could be used in classes. I found it very hard to find anything that was clear enough to be used by children- until coming across your website. The maps are perfect for our new series – there is just the right amount of information re town names and places, without distracting markings of present day borders etc. With thanks for your work in serving the church for the glory of God,” – Jo T, Cambridge, UK (Received 12/Jan/2022)

“I did appreciate your skin tones as I serve a multi-racial congregation – could use some that were even more intentionally “black.” I also appreciated your thoughtful adherence to the scriptures.” – Janet R. (Pastor), Westlake, Ohio, USA (received 10/Jan/2022)

“I am so very happy with your art and I have been spreading the word. May God bless you richly! Thanks for all you do! We appreciate it! I think it’s really cool how you tell the story for each picture and why you drew it the way you did. I can see that you put a lot of thought into your work, and I think your pictures are amazing!” – Cheri H, Stafford, Virginia, USA. (Received 10/01/2022)

Customer Comments and Testimonials – 2021

“[In answer to the question: What drew you to my Bible Cartoon illustrations in particular?] The clarity and the variety of maps. As a preaching pastor I like to include maps in my presentations and I would love to be able to provide (and now can) a consistent design week after week. Until I happened upon you, it has been impossible to find someone like yourself who provides Bible maps worthy of presentation. Thank you for your work.” – Pastor Michael N, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (Received 07/December/2021)

“I don’t know how you manage to turn out such an incredible collection of such imaginative and immensely useful cartoons. My wife and I use them frequently in our church Zoom services, and I have been using them for the past year in our bi-monthly church magazine.” – Dr. Michael S, North Lincolnshire, UK (Received 07/December/2021).

“I love the artwork and colors in your illustrations of Bible stories. I like making story cards to help tell Bible stories in my Sunday School class. Your artwork is perfect for this. On one side of each 8.5” × 11” story card, I print one of the pictures in the story, and on the other side, I print the Bible verse for that particular picture and then questions to ask the kids as we looked at the card together. I laminate my story cards so I can use them year after year and so the kids can handle the cards. They love retelling the story themselves when I am finished or putting them in the correct sequence. Your artwork has such vibrant colors and interesting aspects of the story illustrated in every drawing. I also downloaded your personal comments for each picture, as you brought out aspects you had included that I, at first, had not noticed. I felt like I was in your studio looking at something new you had just finished and you were talking about it! In one story, you purposefully drew specific disciples behind Jesus, with his mother, Mary, behind him as well. It was fun telling the children to look closely and they might be able to find Jesus’ mother in the picture. I will be using more of your illustrations in the future now that I’ve found your site. Thanks, Martin.” – Dianne M, Oklahoma (Received 16/January/2021)

Customer Comments and Testimonials – 2020

“Your cartoons are well drawn and not computer generated. They seem to manifest a love and passion for the message they provide. They speak loudly and convey truth in an entertaining, sometimes dramatic and colorful way. Your picture of the heavenly host that appeared to the shepherds in the field is delightfully amazing!!” – Kathy D, Indiana, USA (Received 08/Dec/2020)

“I have been involved with children’s ministry all my life and I just love how your cartoons capture Bible scenes so well – and children love them. May the Lord continue to bless you in this ministry.” – Alistair M, Belfast, Northern Ireland. (Received 12/Oct/2020)

“Love the friendly characters and colours (suitable for kids and adults). Perfect for our newsletter that has replaced face to face services during Covid-19.” – Heather R, South Australia (Received 13/June/2020)

“Thank you for providing such quality, professional drawings. They are a huge help in teaching, not just children. I use them with adults all the time!” – Daniel H, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. (Received 26/May/2020)

Customer Comments and Testimonials – 2019

“I am an American working as an English teacher in the Czech Republic. I guess I am a bivocational missionary – I am quite active in my local church (English club for kids, summer English camp, preaching and teaching sometimes). I am very grateful for your cartoons. We just finished an English camp for kids and I think your pictures were very helpful to the Bible teaching. Thanks for the work you do!!!” – Josh R, Owasso, Oklahoma, USA. (Received 22/07/2019)

“You cartoons are awesome. I was attracted by the lifelike drawings as opposed to some that are too “childish” or too exaggerated. Of course, I love your colors, facial expressions & actions ~ quality stuff! Thanks!” – Mel L, Colorado, USA (Received 17/July/2019)

“I was really impressed with the thought that had gone in to the cartoon, with even time of day and colour of the rocks researched and justified. A great balance of a relaxed format with attention to the detail in the bible passage.” – Geoff T, Stirling, Scotland, UK. (Received 18th/March/2019)

Customer Comments and Testimonials – 2018

“The amazing expressions on the characters faces drew me to your images. I found the website easy to navigate and it was great being able to click forward and back to compare images. Also having a number of scenes to tell a story will be great in the future. The range of Bible stories you have covered is fantastic – I will be purchasing again!” – Sue T, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK (Received 12/Oct/2018)

“I was looking for a complete set for the plagues in Egypt. Your cartoons were humorous, engaging for children and looked like they were professionally drawn. Thank you for your beautiful artwork.” – Ailleen K, NSW, Australia (Received 05/Oct/2018)

“I liked that the Bible Cartoons did not look too ‘modern’ – like something out of a modern cartoon. The detail is fantastic. I also really liked the thought that had clearly gone into linking the image to the biblical text… and the explanation you provide. Felt like you were really trying to tell the story not just illustrate it. I also liked the detail of the facial expression. Thanks for making them available.” – Tim S, Stony Stratford, UK (Received 13th Sept 2018)

“Really interesting, quirky pictures to help keep kids attention. Love the colors and facial expressions and the kids love the attention to detail. Good pictures help young kids to remember the story.” – Angela S. NSW, Australia (Received 14th Sept 2018)

“If I can find artist depictions of Bible stories that capture humanity, those are my absolute favorite. You are a gifted artist, and the color, perspective, facial expressions, etc., were all believable and brought the reality of the story to life.” – Joy S. Boise, Idaho, USA (Received 17/March/2018)

“I work in a deprived community. The main way of communicating on a Sunday is through narrative. My frustration when teaching through the likes of Abraham, Joseph, David, etc is that only the well known stories are in art form. I long for the day when the more obscure stories in the big narratives are also available. A lot of preaching is going the way of narrative so in my view its worth producing the less well known stories as well, that reflect the text accurately.” John M, Aberdeen, Scotland (Received 1st February 2018)

“I think your artwork is excellent, and I showed it as I read the story of the Good Samaritan in church. Thanks for doing what you’re doing! God bless you brother!” (Gary S. California, USA (Received 11/01/2018)

Customer Comments and Testimonials – 2017

In answer to my question “What drew you to my Bible Cartoon illustrations in particular?”…“The quality of the drawing, the multi-layered observations that are in the drawings and which keep peoples attention, the effective way the drawings communicate the point of the Bible passage and the humour!” – Jonathan H, Caterham, Surrey, UK (Received 12/Dec/2017)

“Cannot express how awesome these images are [4 x Riders of the Apocalypse, in Reveltaion chp 6]. You took what was in my head and brought it to life. Thank you so much for doing this and for allowing to create what we need for our website. Again God has given you a wonderful gift and I’m very thankful your using this to glorify God. You can quote me if you like, lol :))” – Jennifer, B. Texas, USA. (Received 26/November/2017)

“I was looking for a series of pictures showing the Ten Plagues. Your’s were very clear and accurate (they showed the Biblical scene and the historical context very well) but were also approachable (cartoon people were engaging)” – Alexina S. Sydney, NSW, Australia (Received 28/Oct/2017)

“Purchase and download were very easy! I am legally blind and find websites very difficult to navigate – yours was very user friendly! You are on the right track visually! – Karen S, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA (Received 28/October/2017)

“Thanks Martin for not charging such a high price. I pray the Lord God will give back to you in an abundance and Bless your online ministry! Thank you for sharing His love through your gift. Those rates are great and you will be seeing more of us :). God Bless you.” – Jennifer, B. Texas, USA. (Received 26/September/2017)

I provided 109 colour & black and white cartoons for a children’s book, printed in Israel. Here is the customer’s email regarding this lovely and exciting book project:
“I’m very happy to let you know that we finally printed a first edition of the children’s book (500 copies!) My wish was that we will be able to print it in time for our yearly summer camps that started the beginning of this month (August 2017), and we did! Praise the Lord! We are now giving them out for the kids and their families at the end of each week of camp. We want to thank you again for all your hard work and for collaborating with us in the Lord’s wonderful work among the children and youth here in Israel. This work is dear to both my dad’s and my heart, and it is truly a blessing to see the miracles that God works in the children’s lives during the camps.” – (names withheld at customer’s request; email received 09/August/2017)

“I was attracted by the accuracy (of Matthew 07 – The wise & foolish builders Bible Cartoons) but also that is was funny. I’m not an artist so I don’t have the right words, but it was just so nice to look at; very well drawn/colored. The website was awesome! Very easy to navigate.” – Emily N. Pennsylvania, USA Customer (Received 08/August/2017)

“We made videos for our vacation Bible school program [using your Bible Cartoons of David and Goliath and Esther] and in each of the videos the main character tells a Bible story, so the character was talking over the pictures in a narration style story telling. It made it much better without just watching someone tell a story.” – Bryan W, New Jersey, USA (Received 25/July/2017)

“I have a session I teach (and also preach) from Matthew 18-19. The depiction on Jesus’ face when the disciples rebuked the kids is perfect for how I imagine the scene. The coloring of the picture is also beautiful.” – Richard C. Springfield, Missouri, USA (Received 25/July/2017)

“Your cartoons are colorful and detailed. The characters look more lively and affable than those in other cartoons, which can tend to look rigid and uninteresting, or in some cases goofy or villainous.
I was also drawn to your illustrations because you told the story of the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8) which doesn’t necessarily show up as a story that is told by others.” – Paul R, Berlin, Germany (Received 04/July/2017)

“Love the style, clarity, simplicity and humour.” – Ian G, Amersham, Buck’s UK (Received 04/May/2017)

Customer Comments and Testimonials - 2016

“Thanks so much for making accessible your beautiful drawings! Best wishes.” – Wendy B, East Sussex, UK (Received (25/Sept/2016)

“I was drawn to the cartoons because they seemed like cartoons that would help my grandchildren visualize the Bible narratives that I am writing them about and the cartoons are very entertaining. The cartoon of the plague of frogs was very, very good. I thought it would really get my grandchildren thinking about what happened during that plague and hold their attention.” – Jim V, Minnesota, USA (received 12/Sept/2016)

“Love your work! Your art style is very joyful, you have strong images that tell a story well. I want you to know how appreciative I am of your artwork and your efforts.” – M. Montag, Somerset, Massachusetts, USA Customer (Received 18/July/2016)

“Nice clear illustrations that brought a light-hearted approach to a serious topic (Exodus 08-09 – the 10 plagues of Egypt) without resorting to flippancy; which is just how I like to preach! And not prohibitively expensive; The BC website was very easy to navigate; we’re following a series on Moses so searching by book and having them in topics within the book was good. I was keen to find a picture of any angry Pharaoh for this particular sermon: there seems to be a shortage on the web! Perhaps you could corner the market in angry Pharaohs!” – S. Morris, Shepperton, UK (Received 29/June/2016)

“What a treat Martin ! A special commission (Mark 16 – Resurrection of Jesus – Scene 02 – Stone) just for me! and definitely calorie free! Thanks for all you do to enable us to spread the word and praise the Lord for the Empty Tomb. – Mairwen L, Crickhowell, UK (Received 18/March/2016)”

“The picture helps to tell the story, detailed but fun and will make children smile as well as engage with the story telling, love the facial expressions – best pictures I have sourced. You are doing a great job! Keep going!” – Philip S, Keynsham, UK (Received 13/March/2016)”

Customer Comments and Testimonials - 2015

“I was searching for a way to tell the story of the Prodigal to young children with quality illustrations. Yours were absolutely perfect! I taught [using the Bible Cartoons] the lesson twice- once to our preschool and then again on Sunday. It was effective to both age groups. The colors and facial expressions really helped the children understand the story. Thank you so much for using your God-given talent to help ministry! May the Lord bless you! – Tammy B, Mobile, Alabama, USA Customer (Received 05/Oct/2015)”

“I was given the Jonah mug 2 weeks ago for my baptism by some friends and it sits on my desk. I thought I needed a mug for home, so I bought the “Matthew 17 – faith can move mountains” one. The image really strikes a chord with me. Thanks for all your pictures. Keep them coming.” – James W, Royston, Cambridgeshire, UK Customer (Received 24/Sept/2015)

“I will be using the Armor of God pictures as a story board for 5 campuses of toddlers! The pictures are AWESOME! Large, clear, realistic and the soldier wearing the complete armor was fabulous, incredible detail. Once again, THANK YOU for sharing your talent!!!” – Kathy M. Cedar Park, Texas, USA Customer (Received 03/June/2015)

“The pictures are biblically accurate, attractive for kids, fun, express emotion, detailed, colourful, affordable, easy to download and save.” – Kate R, New South Wales, Australia (Received 26/March/2015)

“[Referring to Luke 02 – Jesus childhood – Scene 01 – Going to Jerusalem] It was a fun image, but not too babyish but interesting and attention grabbing. It was also one of the few that had adults and kids walking together. I’d encourage you to keep going!” – L. Beaton, Coledale, New South Wales, Australia (Received 10/February/2015)

“Your cartoons (Mark 02 – Jesus heals a paralyzed man) helped tell the story really well, especially the facial expressions of the religious leaders, plus they were appealing to all ages. There was nothing else out there like this that I could find and I thought they were perfect. I have never actually purchased anything like this before but felt they were so perfect I wanted to buy them!
In our all age service I had a comment from a mum who felt her 4 year old got really engaged in the story – and all ages responded to the cartoons. Thank you!” – K. Badley, Dorchester, UK (Received 09/February/2015)

“We loved the colours in the cartoons, also the facial expressions. We felt that the pictures had a real ability to ‘tell the story’ in an accessible way. Thank you for your ministry and for sharing your gifts and talents with the world in this way. You have assisted our ministry here in NZ as I’m sure you have for many others round the world.” – Julie T, Christchurch, New Zealand (Received 01/January/2015)

Customer Comments and Testimonials - 2014

“Your artwork is very impressive so keep up the good work… [In answer to the question “What drew you to my Bible Cartoon illustrations in particular?”] For me it’s colour and quality. The facial expressions of your characters are great. I love seeing pictures of a happy Jesus and you have that beautifully done.” – Jon P. Buckinghamshire, UK (Received 22/11/2014)

[Referring to the Exodus 10 Plagues Bible Cartoons] “The picture helps you to tell a story from the Bible but doesn’t look dated – fun, light hearted despite quite dark subject (plagues) yet not portraying that this was not a real event. Plenty of detail to catch the eye but not distracting from the main subject.” – Dot B. Redditch, Worcestershire, UK (Received 11/2014)

“Well done and bless you for being a blessing for me to help me tell kids about our awesome Father!!” – May B, South Australia (Received 07/October/2014)

“I love the art! Also the pictures told parts of the story that few (if any) other artists attempted.“ – Allen H, Houston, Texas, USA (Received 01/October/2014)

“I love your cartoons, what a terrific resource for the church to tell out the good news with confidence and clarity. Well done & God bless you.” – Keith K (Pastor), Farnborough, Hampshire (Received 08/July/2014)

“Good representation of the Bible story, and a number of pictures that could be used with different parts of the story. Also, the cartoons were done in a way that was not flippant or childish. They kept the seriousness of the story. In other words, they were cartoon representations of the events rather than a comical story told using cartoons.” – Glen C, NSW, Australia (Received 03/May/2014)

“Thanks for the gracious way you do provide this valuable service. God bless you.” – John E, St. Albans, UK (Received 12/April/2014)

“Thank you for your drawings. I enjoy seeing your skills and the way you study the Bible before you sketch… I have never seen your type of skills combined with biblical reality, humour and contextual accuracy. Compliments!” – Adam van der W, Netherlands (Received 11/April/2014)

“I really liked your [cartoon] detail and thought it pictured the scenes very well. I also thought they would be great for teaching kids and helping them to remember the plagues in a visual sense. The colors are very catching and vibrant which draws people’s attention to them. You have a great website, easy to use and very descriptive of your art work. Thank you for sharing your talent.” – Suzanne N, Leavenworth, Washington State, USA (Received 04/April/2014)

“Very well drawn and each part of the Armor of God drawn separately… I’m sure that in the future I’ll be looking at your site again.” – Marcia M, Salida, California, USA (Received 28/February/2014)

“I loved the detail yet playfulness of the graphic [Jonah about to be swallowed by the fish]. Your facial expression on Jonah was just what I was looking for. The light/shade of the graphic applied well to black and white as well as color image reproduction.” – Joanna M, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania (Received 19/02/2014)

What drew you to my [Jonah] Bible Cartoon illustrations in particular? “Actually, it was the seaweed around Jonah’s head which follows Scriptural description! Liked the fish too – not a whale – no teeth, good colors.” – Michelle M. Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada (Received 18/February/2014)

“Your cartoons are great and am looking forward to using them more in the future! I have also shared your website with several of our other teachers and will most certainly direct others there as they are in need of illustrations. Thank you for producing such great illustrations!” – Tina G, Wylie, Texas, USA (Received 06/February/2014)

“Your Bible Cartoons are human, funny, interesting and portray feeling and character really well. This was the best material I could find.” – Alistair K, Leeds, West Yorkshire (Received 31/January/2014)

“Your work is among the best I have seen. You seem to have an inspiration to your work.” – Bill H, Abilene, Texas, USA (Received 15/January/2014)

“Awesome! Excited to be your first Kansas [USA] customer and first [customer] in 2014!” – Andy B, Shawnee, Kansas, USA (Received 02/January/2014)

Customer Comments and Testimonials - 2013

“You have a great ministry there. I will certainly be back. I have added you to my list of resource bookmarks. I may have to check out your you tube channel as well! There aren’t many pieces of art or illustrations out that capture this story. Good quality image directly applicable to the sermon [Acts 06 – a Christian team, the magnificent seven] is a major score in my book!” – Joel O, Milton, Wisconsin (Received 30/December/2013)

[In relation to sale of Bible Cartoons – Nativity Activity Books] “We work with Roma gypsy children who have limited English. We find that cartoons are often a way to engage them and help to communicate Bible truth, so we are giving them out (the Nativity Activity Books) and will work through them as presents from Sunday School.” – John N, Bristol (Received 10/December/2013)

“Just keep going. The more obscure Bible stories are great as they are the hardest to find visuals for.” – Rachel A, Nottingham, UK (Received 09/Decemeber/2013)

“I was looking on the internet for illustrations for our story on Moses and the 10 plagues of Egypt and yours was fantastic. You do an excellent, child friendly cartoons that will help us so much in our presentation of the story. I will return to your Bible Cartoon site again.” – Sara E, Fortville, USA (Received 16/October/2013)

“I was looking for the classic “bridge illustration”. What drew me to your pictures in particular was the quality of the cartoon illustrations; facial expressions and believe it or not, theological content. That one is hard to explain but the harmony of life in the garden, pre sin; the separation of sin; the love of Christ and the necessity of the cross and finally, “reunited” with God. This was communicated very well through the components of each cartoon, as well as the facial expressions ie tears, joy etc.
I also had the challenge of preaching to an all age, outreach oriented service attended by quite a few invited non Christians. I wanted to be able to show all ages, the four points of the bridge that would engage the many children and youth especially. As one of the other pastors later explained, “when you used those cartoons you gave the message loud and clear that children are important to our church. Everyone heard it!” – Pastor Ken R. New Brunswick, Canada (Received 16/October/2013)

“Huge thanks for making your pictures available at such great prices!” – Clare C, Farnham, UK (Received 01/October/2013)

“What drew me to your illustrations was the quality and detail of them. As a kids pastor, I’m constantly on the lookout for media that will enhance our presentation of God’s Word. Your illustrations are some of the best out there that I’ve seen.” – Eric H. Huntingdon, West Virginia, USA (Received 30/August/2013)

“I really like your style- the characters appeal to me, the scenes illustrate the story well (not too busy, but enough detail to stay true to Scripture)- and there’s a bit of whimsey that makes them appealing to adults, as well. God bless you as you use your gift to bless so many!“ – Diane V, Pleasant Valley, New York, USA (Received 31/July/2013)

“I love the color, the simple complexity, the way you capture expression, the flow of your artwork – I see a great deal of character and fun in your art – just what I was looking for. I found your website very easy to search and navigate – no frustrations or niggly bits! My only dilemma was which images to choose – I loved them all.” – Terri M, Victoria, Australia (Received 06/July/2013)

“They [the Bible Cartoons] illustrate the Bible stories, making the material more arresting. Also, many people, like myself, are very visual & engage more readily if there are illustrations. Yours are very colourful, have good expression (very how I would picture it in my head) and give the full story in picture form. I look forward to looking through more material on your site.” – Maria B, Cambridge, UK (Received 20/June/2013)

“Thanks for your wonderful pictures, you really have a special talent for portraying the bible in such a unique and fun way.” – Jane B, Surrey, UK (Received 19/June/2013)

“Your illustrations are really animated and very appealing to kids and young parents. I’ve shown them to my stage designer and staff members; they were impressed. The facial expressions and the eye features are simply unique. The characters are like moving characters. Your color tones are superb.” – Lope L, New Jersey, USA (Received 13/June/2013)

“Easy to navigate [the Bible Cartoons website] and find information, spend your time developing more cartoons.” – Chris J, Winsford, Cheshire, UK (Receivied 10/June/2013)

“Your Bible Cartoons are clear, well-drawn and manage to pack a tremendous amount into one illustration. E.g. the last one I used – that of the appointment of Deacons in Acts 6 manages to show the whole story, from the need of the widow to the response by the Apostles in one picture. The various facial expressions are also appropriate. They add a depth that, say, illustrations from The Brick Bible do not. I think your illustrations along with those of Henry Martin fill a particular gap.
“ – Paul. N, Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, UK (Received 06/June/2013)

“I like the rich colors and fun, youthful style of your Bible Cartoons” – Andrew C, Dacatur, Georgia, USA (Received 15/May/2013)

“I think your cartoons are true to the story, and have great facial expressions. They fitted with the way we had told the story emotionally, and look more contemporary than many others! The colour was a bonus, we would have liked/used them even if they were black and white.
The website was fine – found what I wanted straight away. Great that you advised what size to go for, which was very helpful. I guess the site could be prettier, but the attraction was to the content, rather than the site itself.
Appreciate your statement of beliefs being on there – which gives confidence that the drawings are done faithfully recognising God’s word as truth!
Also it’s great that you offer so many options for a search – makes my life much easier, and I came across lots I’d not thought of before.
Thank you for your ministry. It is a need that few realise exists – until they want to find something good! Please keep at it!” – Leonie L, Lemington Spa, UK (Received 23/April/2013)

“Thanks for your cartoons, they are excellent – I may well be buying a few more in the next couple of days!!” – Mark B, Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK (Received 23/March/2013)

“My daughter had to create a poster for her Ethics and Philosophy class – particularly a warning for the Egyptians of the coming 10th plague. She found your image of the 1st plague during a google images search. She was so taken with the cartoon nature and colour of your artwork (she wanted to look at them and so felt that other children in her class would want to do the same) that she asked permission to purchase the whole set so that she could make her poster an interactive ‘lift the flap story board’. We felt that your website was very user friendly – thank you.” – Paula J, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, (Received 19/March/2013)

”I am a Sunday school teacher at St Anne’s Roman Catholic Church in Hong Kong. I teach grade 5. I accessed your site via web search. I always start my class with a review of the Gospel of the week by try to distill it down to a level the kids can understand and relate to practically… your site is a great resource. Many thanks.” – Rod F, Hong Kong (Received 08/March/2013)

“I was really pleased to find your website, and such great cartoons – thank you for sharing your skills so generously. I’m sure I will be back to purchase more soon!” – Katherine B. Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK (Received 30/January/2013)

“I liked that you had such a comprehensive body of work on the bible, specifically the 10 plagues of Egypt since that’s what I was looking for at the time. I liked that each of the plagues was a separate design. I liked that the visual aspect was colorful & helpful in picturing the stories, especially for kids. I also liked that they were kinda humorous! ” – Danae C, Lafayette, Indiana, USA (Received 22/January/2013)

Customer Comments and Testimonials - 2012

“Have you seen what’s out there [on the internet] for Jonah!? Facial expressions in your Jonah cartoons was very good, especially the angry one [‘Jonah 04 – Scene 11 – Jonah angry’]. The eyes. I used to be a teacher and thought they looked very kid friendly….not dated, vivid and fun.” – David R. West Wickham, London (Received 26/11/2012)

“We are grateful for your work. Some stories, like the temptation of Jesus, are hard to find. I was so pleased when I discovered it on your site.” – Heinz & Patsy W. Lemgo, Germany (Received 22/10/2012)

“This cartoon [Exodus 12 – The ten plagues of Egypt – First Passover] was the best at showing the Israelites putting the blood on the doorframe & it also incorporated them preparing the meal. Your pictures are
fantastic. I can see you put a lot of thought into the composition of them.” – Paula P. Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK (Received 18/10/2012)

“The pictures are clear and colorful and often show an event from a unique perspective, for instance the ark floating on the water as seen from underwater. Also you illustrate more separate incidents in a story — not just the scenes for which there are numerous depictions available.” – Nonnye F M. Naples, Florida, USA (Received 20/09/2012)

“I like to use multi sensory approaches to my teaching and leading services, and I think a picture often speaks more than any words or speech. The Philippians 4 cartoon – the sin that entangles you, was a fab cartoon that the children could really identify with. I thought it was a good website, I was able to find and search what I was looking for.” – Rebecca S. Herne Bay, Kent (Received 12/09/2012)

“I like all of it! I like how they are modern cartoons-but realistic and remain true to the Biblical text, story, culture and historical period (love how you explain the illustrations from a biblical perspective and historical and geographical timeframe). Unlike other ‘silly’ cartoons that are unrealistic to the text or period. I like the colour too-eyecatching and the tone is just right-not too dark. The detail adds depth (I didn’t know the first born animals died in the 10 plagues of Egypt too!!!) This is why I chose to purchase your art work-I had a choice from 3 websites!!!” – Kelly-Ann C. Thornton, New South Wales, Australia (Received 07/08/2012)

“I liked the multi-ethnic aspects of the Cartoons – the people actually looked like they were from the Middle East – excellent artwork – visually compelling. Thanks again for such a great site and great work. To God be the Glory!” – Michael L, Lead Pastor, Pennsylvania, USA (Received 18/07/2012)

“They were friendly, expressive pictures which told the whole story (Luke 15 – The Lost Son), including the last part about the older son – all the other picture series I found only went up to the younger son’s return.” – Fiona C. Christian Schools Worker, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (Received 29/05/2012)

“I am involved in aid/missions work in a third world country where I use Bible stories to teach English. I do voluntary teaching at a Christian school which cares for children who have come out of extremely disadvantaged backgrounds.
I have never before considered buying images, but the quality of your work was so high and the pictures were exactly what I was looking for, so I decided that it was worth paying you for your work. I needed resolution quality to be able to project onto a screen as I teach 40 children in a large room and I need good image quality.
The pictures are absolutely delightful representations of Bible stories. They are colourful, the expressions are lovely and there is nice detail in the pictures. They would be very attractive to children as they do not portray the traditional images that are used. They are very cute yet tell what is happening without being too intimidating. There is also originality in how you have depicted what has happened in the story eg, fish swimming over the tops of houses in Noah’s flood – very clever! We generally look for free stuff as we are doing voluntary work and funds are limited, but the quality of your cartoons was so impressive that I was prepared to pay for them.
Keep up the good work. I love what you are doing and I hope you feel some satisfaction in knowing that your cartoons are being used to change a third world country and to enhance Christianity in a predominantly Muslim country. They are being used to impart Christian values to children who could influence a very important nation in the future.” – Sandra Barker, New South Wales, Australia (Received 23/05/2012)

“Hi I have just found your cartoons, they are great and what a help to children’s ministry. They are such a breath of fresh air for the children to colour in.” – Esther S. Ipswich, UK (Received 17/05/2012)

The cartoons are Very child friendly and engaging, I’m not very arty so don’t know much about colour and tone etc, but I love the attention to detail and ‘fresh’ look to the cartoons. – Georgina E, King’s Lynn, Norfolk (Received 13/05/2012)

“I like the expressions and the way the story is captured, i.e. your scenes help to bring the story alive, very much like having a big picture projected which helps the story teller a lot. I think the drawings are really good too which would appeal to children.” – M. Koh, Singapore (received 10/05/2012)

“I was searching for pictures of the 10 plagues. Believe me it was a struggle to find something that was available and suitable for kids. And has been for years especially with regards to the 10 plagues. I enjoyed the “story” in that picture so much (your “frog picture”). The mom’s horrified expression, the enjoyment on the babies face, all the detail, it was fun for me and will be for kids. There is so much to look at in that one picture.” – J. Badenhost, Pretoria, S. Africa (received 11/05/2012)

“I used your Bible Cartoons in a Powerpoint when I preached on the Prodigal Son. They were a big hit.” – Larry S. Pastor, Colorado, USA (10/05/2012)

“WOW! Thank you for these incredible pics. I am excited to see what you add. I just LOVE the bridge pictures – so amazing compared to my stick man version.” – Kathryn de F. Kent, UK (24/04/2012)

“I really like your pictures. There are good facial expressions, good colours, good action.” – Torben O. Denmark – 16/04/2012

“We are interested in your drawings because the disciples [of Jesus] were illustrated in a way that makes them look like normal people, and at the same time, they are colourful and fun for kids. We think it would be really cool to focus on illustrating Bible stories in a way that gives us more information and more understanding than the text itself. Your images of Exodus 12, Exodus 32 and Jonah 3, for example, show information you found in your research. We like it when the images help us to understand the core of the message.” – Sarah L. & Benjamin F. Quebec, Canada – 16/04/2012

[In answer to my question, “Are there any particular Bible stories that you would like me to illustrate?”] “All of them… just keep doing what you do. Great work.” – Patrick D. Cambridgeshire, UK – 05/04/2012

“The cartoon [John 08 – Jesus & the Pharasees] was lovely. It was expressive and humourous. I will be using them again as I think you are very talented.” – Amanda J. Enfield, Middlesex, UK – 29/02/2012

“I think your images are very good, lots of detail, without being silly or too childish looking, so thank you for them. You have a great gift.” – Lawrence M. Belfast – 21/02/2012

Thank God for you! Hi brother, God had really given you inspiration and the creativity to come out with all these pictures! Many of my youths are very attracted to listen to the Bible with pictures. I hope you can continue to come out with more! They are great evangelism tools! :) Really thank God for you, though I never met you before! – Ken, Singapore – 20/01/2012
[NOTE: bb13th_ken@yahoo.co.sg —- .sg = singapore]

“Thanks – keep going, pictures are brilliant and loved by young and old alike.” – John H. UK – 18/01/2012

“There is a big need for Christian art and media. I would love to let my children watch more positive images. There is a lot of power in the images we look at, so God Bless you for making images that will edify and be entertaining at the same time.” – Brandi R. R. -17/01/2012

[Writing about my whirlpool dream illustration – Link to my blog about the whirlpool dream ] “Awesome drawing and that interpretation, made sense. In fact I read the initial description of the dream, my thoughts of what those things symbolized pretty much matched your latter explanation… and I think it applies not only to your art, but also in your relationship to God, to let Him take you for a ride, on wild journey, and to trust Him to promote you!

I will pray for you to have strength. It is not unusual to get attacked when heading in the right direction. Don’t let it stop you. Rely on the Ultimate Creative Artists of our souls and everything ever created…and you will come out the other side stronger.

I can’t wait to see your cartoons. There is a big need for Christian art and media. I would love to let my children watch more positive images. There is a lot of power in the images we look at, so God Bless you for making images that will edify and be entertaining at the same time.” – Brandi R.R, USA – 17/01/2012

“Your Christmas activities pages went down well as a handout at our Christmas Day Service, and I look forward to your Easter and Halloween publications. I’m using your contemporary and colourful cartoons on Powerpoint for school collective worship and Messy Church to illustrate the Bible stories – they’re great.” – Kate Hamilton, Children’s & Youth Pastor, Sidmouth, UK – 10/01/2012

Customer Comments and Testimonials - 2011

“Keep up the great work, Martin. Hope 2012 is even more successful for you and Biblecartoons.” – Colin H, UK – 31/12/2011

“Thanks Martin for your wonderful illustrations. I will certainly be saving your site in my ‘Favourites’ folder for future reference. Just keep going! Your illustrations are fantastic!! It’s hard to get decent Bible pics that appeal to kids but are not ‘babyish’.” Kylie W, Australia – 06/12/2011

“You do great work, may God be with you and bless you always” – Glenda S, USA – 22/09/2011

“I am VERY impressed with your work!” Livia N, USA – 13/09/2011

“Gosh! your work is gooooood brother! Praise God! I can just pray the LORD will take you from Glory to Glory. I love it!” – Edmund, – 07/09/2011

“You are very talented… What a gift from God. I can draw a smiley face. Yep, that’s it…LOL!! – Jan F, USA – 11/07/2011

“I love your artwork, they are amazing! May the Lord continue to bless you.” – Linda G, USA – 13/06/2011

“GBU (God Bless You) for all the works you are doing for our Lord.” – Jacqueline G. – 07/06/2011

“Your desire to glorify God will be seen by others, as this to glorifies God. The Lord has blessed you in many ways with talents and a desire to please Him. I pray that God uses your ministry as a tool to lead others to Him as well.” – Rosemary L-T, USA – 07/06/2011

“My prayer for you is that God blesses your ministry in that He uses it and you in mighty ways for His purposes and for the glory and honor of His kingdom. May He fill you with His Spirit daily, that your desire to evangelise the Word of God becomes complete in and through Him. He has told us that He will give us the desires of our hearts, according to His will, when His desires become our desires they line up with the word of God, and He has promised to fulfill these desires. God bless you brother. I’ve gone to your page and your illustrations are amazing. Father please bless and use your child Martin mightily for your glory.” – Rosemary L-T, USA – 06/06/2011

“Wow you got talent! This is amazing!” – Francis M, South Africa – 06/06/2011

“Brother Martin, This is a wonderful way of spreading God’s Word. You are so talented. I feel that God has let you find me and blessed me. We should ALL be helping do the work God have given us to do. He is providing the avenues and help to do so.” – Joy L – 06/06/2011

[Regarding my “The story of Jonah” animation on You Tube] “Oh my goodness!! That is amazing!! I LOVE the sound effects. I will definitely be sending it to the kids I know. Great work Martin. It must have taken you ages!!” – Stacey R, France – 28/05/2011

Click on this link to go off-site & see my You Tube animation The Story of Jonah animation

[Regarding my “The story of Jonah” animation on You Tube] “So fun! My daughter watched it with me and loved it! Great work, Martin.” – Pat P, USA – 28/05/2011

“Wow your mission sounds amazing – and like hard work! Bless You!” – Tessa A (Bible Verse Art) – 11/05/2011

“Wow, I love these Biblical cartoons. They are awesome!”“ – Lizzie L, USA – 12/04/2011

“God bless you too Martin and your ministry!!!” – Sandra B, USA – 06/04/2011

“May heaven continually bless that which you do for the sake of the Kingdom. Shalom.” – Pastor Emmanuel E-e, Nigeria – 05/04/2011

“Martin your art work is truly awesome praise and glory be to God! I love your art you are an awesome artist! And it’s just wonderful that you are using your talent to please God!” – Carrie O, USA – 02/04/2011

“Hi Martin, I was so impressed with your cartoons, what an awesome talent God has given you!! God bless you as you honor Him in your work every day… it’s truly awesome.” – Donna G, USA – 01/04/2011

“Your cartoons are really cool. I just love your world of Bible Cartoons. I did go to your website, and I loved it… I will be looking some more too!! ” – Renée H-G, USA – 31/03/2011

“Awesome Martin. Thanks for sharing.” – Bruce. K, USA – 29/03/2011

“Hi, I live in Tennesse and I was checking your profile out and i’ve got to say what your doing is awesome. You have a task on your hands ‘cause you’re right, there is a lot of books in the Bible. But trust in the Lord and everything will be fine.”- James E-R (Jr), USA – 24/03/2011

“Hi Martin. Thanks for your friend request. I said I wasn’t going to be friends with anyone on Facebook that I didn’t know, but saw your art work and couldn’t resist. It is beautiful!” – Julie B-S, USA – 23/03/2011

“New Day Christian Fellowship thanks Martin Young of www.biblecartoons.co.uk for his wonderful Bible illustrations. We have used his Ten Plagues of Egypt series to make a poster for our children’s classroom. We hope you make LOTS more Bible illustrations Martin, and we will looking forward to your new projects. God bless you!” – Pastor Kenny Keith, Northern Alabama, USA (Received 06/01/2011)

Customer Comments and Testimonials - 2010

“I purchased about 50 cartoons this weekend. I showed the pictures to the children at the Sunday school this week as we were waiting for others to arrive. They really liked the drawings. As a person who enjoys cartoon art, I like them for their coloring and lighting. As a teacher what I liked was that the cartoons provoked questions from the kids. “Why is he crying?” “Can God do that?” etc.
I think you are on the right track in Matthew 13. Great images – especially the great pearl. It really makes a visible statement of how great it is.” – David S, USA – 23/10/2010

”I should say that you are a most talented artist and it is so refreshing to see such powerful representations of the Christmas story (and other Bible verses). Keep up the good work!” – Christy G, UK – 22/10/2010

Customer Comments and Testimonials - 2009

“Hi Martin, just written that your art work is some of the best I have come across. Actually that should be edited! It is without doubt the best.

In the past, I have spent a fair bit of money buying clip art as Illustrate almost every sermon. I do believe in honouring people who do such excellent work.

I absolutely loved the drawing of Jonah being launched onto the beach and I am almost certain I will have to use the Jonah story soon, simply to use that.

Brilliant work and I think you should ensure you get the copyright WELL set up and then as well as offering a CD for sale, print off some samples and contact all the Christian publishers. They would go down very well with Children’s books and even children’s bibles. However, I believe there is an even bigger market for your work.” – David B, UK – 04/10/2009