Bible Cartoon: Numbers 17 - The budding of Aaron’s staff - Scene 03 - Aaron’s miraculous staff

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Bible Book: Numbers
Bible Book Code: 0401700801
Scene no: 3 of 5

Bible Reference & Cartoon Description

Numbers 17:8-9 (ANIV)
8 The next day Moses entered the Tent of the Testimony and saw that Aaron’s staff, which represented the house of Levi, had not only sprouted but had budded, blossomed and produced almonds. 9 Then Moses brought out all the staffs from the Lord’s presence to all the Israelites. They looked at them, and each man took his own staff.


Unspecified by the Bible narrative. I have set the scene in the early morning.

The sun is rising to illuminate this scene, casting shadows to the left & below figures & objects.

Moses (in his usual blue robe) stands in the middle of this scene, holding all 12 of the tribal leader’s staffs.
Moses’ brother Aaron is standing behind him, looking pleased.
In the left foreground are two men, both leaders of tribes (this men were not in scene 01).
In the right foreground is a Hebrew woman, looking amazed at the budding staff. Behind her are two of the tribal leaders from scene 01 (one with a red & white turban & one with a purple turban).
The rest of the figures are unnamed Hebrew people, mostly looking amazed at Aaron’s staff!

In this scene Moses has retrieved the 12 tribal leaders staffs from inside the Tabernacle, where they were stored in the Lord’s presence overnight. Eleven of the staffs are bundled together in Moses’s left arm, while he holds Aaron’s staff in his right hand, above his head. Notice that Aaron’s staff has almond buds, flowers & nuts on the end (as in verse 8 above).

Moses & Aaron are standing outside the entrance to the courtyard of the Tabernacle (the chequered red, blue & purple cloth behind them). Note that I have copied the design from earlier drawings, namely Numbers 16 – Korah’s rebellion, where I first drew this entrance cloth design.

I enjoyed drawing the surprised/shocked expressions of the various people (looking at the staff of Aaron) in this scene!

Below is the scene without the figures, which shows a small part of the huge tent encampment, organized with the Tabernacle in the middle, surrounded by Levite tents, further surrounded by the tents of the 12 tribes of Israel, 3 tribes on each side of a square arrangement (see Numbers chp 02).

Here is the scene without the figures in the foreground.
Numbers 17 - The budding of Aaron's staff - Scene 03 - Aaron's miraculous staff 980x706px col.jpg
Numbers 17 – The budding of Aaron’s staff – Scene 03 – Aaron’s miraculous staff – Background